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Do hens crow?

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"A whistling woman and a crowing hen are neither fit for God nor men." Or so the saying goes. Hens do crow, this usually happens when there are no roosters in the flock. Also hen turkeys can make gooble sounds and will fan like the male turkey.

2008-02-27 12:47:06
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Q: Do hens crow?
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Why do roosters crow and hens don't?

actually, hens occasionally do crow! It haas happened before(: yess,yes.

Do hens ever crow like roosters?


Do hens ever crow?

they produce a loud squacking sound nothing like a crow

Do hens crow when the rooster is absent?

Yes. They crow because they are trying to keep in touch with their husband.

Why do hens crow?

Hens do crow or at least attempt to crow. Usually one hen will take on some of the duties of a rooster as far as protection and early warning of predators. This does not always happen but often in a flock where the rooster is killed or dies naturally one of the older hens will step up as boss chicken.

What you call a she crow?

All female birds are called hens.

Do chicken hens crow?

Yes, but quieter and not as long as roosters.

Why the cockerel crows every morning?

Roosters crow for a variety of reasons. They crow in the morning to announce to the world they are on duty, guarding their flock. They crow to let any nearby hens know where to find him. They crow at night to call any hens home to the roost. They crow just for the simple pleasure of voicing their joy at being alive.

Why do chickens crow?

Actually it is the rooster that crows, the hens sometimes make attempts to mimic the rooster but it comes out as a cackle. The reason the rooster crows is to communicate. He will crow to announce to the world that he is on guard and watching over his flock, he crows to let his hens (and other roosters hens) where he is and how to find him. They crow to warn of danger when a predator is spotted. He will crow in response to a hen announcing she has laid an egg. They often crow just to tell the world they are doing what roosters do.

Will silkie hens crows be loud enough to disturb neighbors?

nope....hens dont crow, only roosters crow, but if you construct a cage with perch in a manner that when perched, the roosters cant stretch their necks up, then the roosters cant crow to disturb the neighbors

What is the name of a hen's cry?

Hens usually cluck while roosters crow.

Would a rooster keep crowing if he has no hens around?

Yes, he may even crow more if he has no hens around. Roosters crow for many reasons and attracting more hens to his area is one of them. A lone male chicken will vocalize more often trying to find or establish if there are other chicken in the area.

Why do roaster crow?

to show domination to warm hens if something is wrong and just be annoying

Do roosters start to crow about the same time hens start laying eggs?

Not particularly, no.

Does a rooster have to have another chicken around for it to crow?

Well, Roosters crow eather to show off or to say "I will pretect my hens" so most roosters will not crow unless other chickens are around.

How do you tell if chickens are hens or roosters?

you can tell because the rooster have like a small crow when they get older

What would you call the noise made from a rooster?

Roosters CROWHens CLUCKand chicks PEEP

How do you tell the difference hen and rooster?

Hens lay eggs. Roosters crow and are a larger bird.

Do Roosters ever get to old to crow?

Not usually. Old roosters slow down their vocalizing but unless they are sick and dying they will continue to crow. It is their way of communicating with the hens.

How do you tell a roster apart from a hen?

Roosters tend to have larger combs, wattles and fancy tails. They crow, hens chirp. Hens tend to be smaller and duller, roosters are bright and cheerful. Hens lay eggs, roosters don't.

Do female leghorn chickens make rooster like sounds?

Hens will not crow like a rooster. However white leghorn hens can be very noisy and dramatic compared to other breeds.

When can you tell if your silkie chicks are roosters of hens?

It is very hard. You have to wait until they either crow or lay eggs.

What does the sound of chickens called?

Chicks cheep. Hens cluck and cackle. Roosters crow, "cockle-doogle-doo".

Do silkie hens crow?

Silkie roosters do but they are usually less boisterous than other breeds. The hens are usually quiet and docile making little or no noise except just after laying an egg.

When the rooster crows at night he tells you that a rains in sight is this true?

Roosters crow for many different reasons. The crow to call hens, show dominance, or to even show excitement over something.