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Q: Do hermit crabs live in the ocean?
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Where do hermit crabs live in the ocean?

Hermit Crabs live on the bottom of the ocean and eat the grasses that grow on the bottom.

Do hermit crabs go through live birth or eggs?

Hermit crabs lay eggs in the ocean.

Where do marine hermit crabs live?

They live in the Shores of the ocean.

Can hermit crabs live in the ocean?

Yes that's where they live....

What animals live on rocks in the ocean?

hermit crabs

Can hermit crabs live underwater?

Yes, some even live in the ocean.

What crabs can live with hermit crabs?

red clawed crabs can live with hermit crabs/

Where do sea hermit crab live?

Hermit crabs live on the bottom of the ocean, in the marine reefs. They are able to eat algae and debris that remains on the ocean's floor.

In what part of the ocean does hermit crabs live?

It lives in the coral reef.

Where can hermit crabs be found?

It depends if they are ocean hermit crabs or land hermit crabs. Most ocean ones live off the coast of Europe, North and South America, and Australia. The land hermit crabs can be found in the Carribean, Florida, Australia, and other warm places. More information is at

Can you put a hermit crab in a fresh water fish tank?

Marine hermit crabs can only live in an ocean style fish tank with correct salinity, calcium and pH. Land Hermit Crabs cannot live under water. There are no known hermit crabs at this time that live in fresh water although there are several terrestrial crabs that do, like fiddler crabs and moon crabs, however they do not live fully underwater and require dry land to climb out on and rest and molt.

Life cycle of a hermit crab?

First it starts out as a small egg in the ocean When they hatch they have gills. They live in the water for a while then come out and are adult hermit crabs. But this is for land hermit crabs not sea hermit crabs.

Do hermit crabs have to drink ocean water?

They live in the ocean - it would be a little difficult to drink freshwater.

Do hermit crabs live underwater?

Some do, they are the marine hermit crabs and some live in land as land hermit crabs. In all their are about 800 types of hermit crabs and very few of those species live on land.

Do hermit crabs have babies on land or ocean?

Hermit crabs lay their eggs in the ocean and the babies live there until around week 6 when they emerge onto dry land and take up their first shell.

What are water hermit crabs?

Water hermit crabs, are simply hermit crabs that live and survive in water.

What do hermit crabs eat and why?

They eat fruits, like apple, grape, strawberry, pineapple, and coconut. (These are some examples). They can also eat some types of meat, and they eat these because Hermit Crabs live near the ocean, Unless you are talking about Marine Hermit Crabs (hermit crabs that are underwater). Hope this helps.

Why do hermit crabs live on land?

Some hermit crabs are land hermit crabs like the ones you buy at ocean city. They have modified gills which means they CAN'T breathe underwater. Hermit crabs need moist air so they need humidity between 70 and 80 and temp 70-80.

What type of hermit crabs live in aquariums?

land hermit crabs live in aquariums.

What water does the hermit crab live in?

Salt water hermit crabs need to live in ocean water that has been properly set up (like a reef aquarium). Land hermit crabs need access to both fresh and salt water but live the majority of their lives on land.

Can a goldfish live with a hermit crab?

if you're talking about land hermit crabs, then no; goldfish live n water, while hermit crabs live on land. if you're talking about marine hermit crabs, then I'm not sure

Does hermit crabs live in the sea?

it depends on the kind of hermit crab. marine hermit crabs spend their whole life in the sea, but land hermit crabs live on land near the sea.

What other creatures live in the hermit crabs habitat?

I think that shrimp live with the hermit crabs.

What do you feed hermit crabs?

they'll feed there selves because they live right next to the ocean!

What animals live in the ocean inlet?

starfish mostly,, there are also hermit crabs, snails, etc..