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yes they usually make more money than someone with no high school diploma

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Q: Do high school graduates make more than drop outs?
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Do high school graduates make over 1 million over their lifetime than high school drop outs?


How much more money does an average high school graduate make then a high school drop out?

The average high school drop out makes $10,000 per year.

Does the decrease in the wage for high graduates affect the cost of college?

The decrease in the wage for high school graduates mean it will make it harder for them to work and save up to go to college.

What does a high school dropout make after taxes?

depends on what kind of job a high school drop out gets

How much does a high school drop out make?

they make like about $17.60 about a week

Do collage graduates make more money than high school graduates?

I'd guess that people who can correctly spell "college" will generally make more money than those who can't.

How much dose a high school drop out make?

nothing if you spell like that....

Effects of not going to college for the high school graduates?

Basically, high school graduates that don't go to college will simply miss some opportunities for jobs. People with college diplomas are often more employable than their counterparts with only high school diplomas, and they usually make much more money.

Do high school graduates make more money than non high school grads?

Absolutely!the more educated you are the higher paying job you can get.Go to college and you can get a fantastic job.

Can you drop out of high school when you are 17 in Virgina?

If you must drop out, make sure you follow up and get that GED. In the end, it will make a difference in the types of jobs you can get.

How much more do high school graduates make?

A lot more. Even more if you actually do something with your life and go to college....

What age can a person drop out of high school without parental consent in Ky?

I honestly dont know...but if you do drop out, make sure you already have a job to drop into.

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