Do hippos eat meat?

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Yes, they do. They eat small animals rarely.

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Do hippos eat meat AND animals?

Yes hippos do eat meat and animals. Hippos usaully eat at least 4 animals and 16Ibs. a year!

Do Pygmy Hippos Eat Meat?

No Pygmy Hippos are herbivores

Does hippo eat meat?

No. Hippos are herbivores, not carnivores.

What type of meat do hippos like to eat?

None, deliberately. Hippos are herbivores, plant eaters.

Are hippos carnivore ore herbivore?

Hippos are actually omnivores. They eat both plants and meat.

Does a hippo eat meat or veggies?

The hippos diet consists of plant matter, so it is considered herbivorous. Hippos will eat any vegetable they can find although most are not easy to come across in the wild. However, hippos can and will eat meat. Also, (as a joke) in the movie The Librarian, hippos likes to candy bars too.

Do any animals eat hippos?

Lions, Crocodiles, and Humans all eat Hippos. However, the chief predator of Hippos are humans, who will hunt them for their meat, their hide, as well as their ivory teeth.

Animals with canine teeth but do not eat meat?

All mammals have canines, and many of them are herbivores. For example, hippos have positively gigantic canines, but do not eat meat.

Are hippos poisonous?

no hippos are not poisonous. hippos are herbaviors and DO NOT eat meat. the reason many people have heard about hippos killing people is because the people were either hunting, messing with, or hurting the animals. they also could have entered the hippos terrotory

Is a hippopotamus an omnivorous animal?

Hippos are omnivorous animals though they don't eat meat.Many People have seen and videotaped hippos eating meat. Most people don't know they eat meat so they just say they are a herbivorous animal.

Do hippopotamus only eat plants?

Yes but no. Hippos only eat meat when they have defend them selves, but if nothing is bothering them they eat river plants.

Do hippos eat leaves?

yes hippos eat leaves

Do hippos eat fish?

Hippos can eat fish because they are ominvores.

What food do hippos eat?

hippos eat plants because they are herbavores.

Can a hippo eat a zebra?

A hippo might kill a zebra but its very unlikely for a hippo to eat it. Hippos are plant eaters and they dont tend to eat meat. However, there are some rare incidents of hippos scavenging over dead wildebeest and buffalo

Does a hippo eat a croccidles?

Hippos are herbivores, so they don't eat meat. However, they have been known to kill crocodiles. In a few cases, hippos act as scavengers, but I don't think they are known to have eaten dead crocodiles.

Is a hippo a scavenger or predator?

neither it is a herbivore for more information ask the Question what type of meat do hippos eat>

Do hippos eat meatballs?

yes hippos do

Do hippos eat alligators?

Hippos and alligators don't live in the same regions. Hippos do kill crocodiles, but they don't eat them.

Are hippopotamus herbovores omnovers or carnovers?

Hippopotamuses are herbivores, meaning they eat plants. However, hippos have been known to eat meat but this is only out of rage and anger; the stomach of a hippo is not suited to digest meat.

Are hippos meat eaters?

it is a meat eater its true look on bing

Can hippos eat lions?

No. Hippos are herbivores, not carnivores.

Will an alligator eat a hippo?

Probably no.But they will eat dead hippos and baby hippos

Do hippos eat crocs?

Hippos are to BIG for the crocs and they only fight they do not eat eachother!

What types of food do hippos eat in the wild?

Hippos eat grass and water plants.