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Yes because they have more time to study and aren't under pressure.

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Q: Do homeschooled children learn better
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Are homeschooled children smarter than public school children?

Yes homeschooled kids get better grades

Why do parents want their children to be homeschooled because they don't want their children going to certain schools?

They may be religious and feel school is not instilling proper values, or they may simply believe their children will learn better at home.

How many children are homeschooled worldwide?

about 35 percent of the children worldwide are homeschooled

How do children learn most of their social skills?

By being around other children such as going to school or being in some sort of sport. Children who are homeschooled do not have this opportunity.

Do all states require parents to send children to school?

No. Many Parents Home-school their children. Its Not a Requirement to go to school to learn you can be homeschooled.

Do french children learn English in French schools or learn English getting homeschooled?

Homeschooling is almost not existent in France. French pupils learn English and every other things at school.

Are the Duggar children homeschooled?


Do homeschooled kids have better grades than publicschooled kids?

No, children at public schools get better grades. They are taught by better "teachers" than their parents. The children at public schools have better oppurtunities to get into college. They have more experience and are heard from more than the isolated homeschooled kids. Students at public school get better amounts of time to study and get things done. Also, waking up early for public school trains children for when they get older and have to get up early for their jobs.

What a homeschooled 6th grader should learn?

the most important thing a homeschooled kid could ever learn is how to socialize with other people other than his mom

Why are the Duggers homeschooled?

The Duggars are homeschooled because they believe that God has given them the personal responsibility of training their children.

What colleges do not accept homeschooled children?

None. All colleges accept homeschooled students, and a large number actively attempt to recruit more homeschooled students.

Is it true that kids learn better if they talk?

Yes, children learn better if they can speak, but only because of the interaction.

Where was Nick Vujicic homeschooled?

He was not homeschooled. He was one of the first disabled children in Australia to be mainstreamed and attend public school.

How do schooled children feel about homeschooled children?

They're jealous. why r they jealous

Are children homeschooled in Mexico?

yes they are only some of them

What does Justin bieber learn when he gets homeschooled?

baisicly, all the things you learn in normal high school.

Is it better to be enrolled in a school or to be homeschooled?

Home schooled!!

In Ancient Rome were children homeschooled?

Yes they were home schooled.

How many children are homeschooled in Williamson County Tennessee?


How do homeschooled children do their public speaking lesson?

rollin doobiws

Anyone know where wizarding children go to school and what they learn prior to attending schools of witchcraft and wizardry?

They might attend muggle schools (Harry, Hermione), or can be homeschooled (Ron).

How many homeschooled children complete high school?

That depends on what you mean - how many homeschooled children complete public/private high school, or how many complete homeschool high school? You can get a lot of answers to homeschooling questions at and . To answer your question directly, just about every homeschooled child completes some form of high school or equivalent, and most go on to higher education. But a classroom is not the only place to learn.

How many children have homeschooling?

im homeschooled not many people homeschool there children but i think they should!

In the book skellig why is mina homeschooled?

Her mom wants her to learn the meaning of life

What age can a homeschooled child quit school?

7 or when they learn how to make a Sammich.!