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No , it cannot eat out your taste buds because your taste buds is not fragile .

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Takis are hotter than Hot Cheetos. Hot Cheetos get a sweet taste after eating them a while. Takis usually get hotter the more you eat them.

Birds lack the taste buds that taste hot and spicy stuff

Hot cheetos are high in fats and calories. But many love the taste.

Sugar is put into hot Cheetos to give it a taste. And because hot Cheetos contain carbohydrates and unsaturated fat and saturated fat.

The Jonas Brothers have not revealed whether they eat hot Cheetos or not.

Yes, hot and spicy foods kill taste buds. Cat is stoopid

You can eat ur hot cheetos with valentina salsa or cream cheese or in a bagel or with a sandwitch wich i think its nasty or u can also eat ur hot cheetos with nacho cheese

It's a matter of personal taste.

They only sell the regular Cheetos in family size. Maybe they think the hot Cheetos are too hot. I think that if you were to eat the family size hot Cheetos by yourself, you would die.

yes, they are hot if you eat many at the same time.

Our taste buds have special buds for each type of food (sweet, sour, spicy, etc.). It does not have buds specialized for hot things becausour nerves determine that. The nerves think that spicy food is hot so it tells our brains that it is.

You're* Nahh dont listen to them you could eat as much hot cheetos as you want, i asked my doctor and he said its totally ohkay (:

you eat joy ice cream and then eat articuno it would taste the same. Or you can eat hot cheetos and breath on articuno.

The taste buds are found on the top portion of the tongue so that you can know how the food that your eating tastes. Also, your taste buds tell you if something is too hot or too cold while entering your mouth.

Not at all. Unless you eat the hot cheetos and then rub our eyes right after; then they might burn a bit.

Anything extremely sweet, sour, bitter, salty, spicy, or hot can affect your taste buds.Examples include:AlumHot peppersPure caffeineHigh intensity sweeteners (like Neotame)Picklesetc.A fun example is the Miracle Fruit. This fruit has a compound known as miraculin. When you eat miraculin, it alters your taste buds and makes sour things taste sweet for up to 24 hours.

healtly is like say u eat a apple,and then you eat hot cheetos mhich one is healty the hot cheetos or the apple. the apple of course because the apple is a fruit firstavole and secondavole the hot cHEETOS ARE MORE FATNING SO,THE APPLE IS A HEALTHY FOOD.THATS A HELTHEY FOOD................................................................................................................

pizzasodashakeCheetosflaming hot Cheetosice creambrains

Not really but if you eat in moderation it is okay.

Hot Cheetos were recently researched on many articles that they can cause acne once you eat them. They are much of an acne causer than the regular Cheetos.

Hot cheetos won't hurt you or the baby. However, they may cause heartburn or upset stomach. If you can't tolerate them, you will know it.

no, if you drink milk after eating hot Cheetos it will take the hotness away( in 10-15 mins) i have tried it before

Yes. They are bad for anyone if you eat them.