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Do humans have a right to kill animals?

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April 04, 2008 9:05AM

A right is not something that can be given or taken away, so the question should be do they have the right to kill animals. This question is usually answered in the affirmative in the mambo jumbo of the major religions because we all like our it of meat but other than not being as intelligent as we are side from the sheer need to survive I cant see that we have. And even then its just a mater of opinion. That depends because if you think about it they are going to die anyway I BELIEVE THAT ANIMALS ARE GODS CREATION AND PEOPLE SHOULD RESPECT GOD'S CREATION, HOWEVER GOD MADE MAN RULERS OVER ANIMALS AND MADE THEM FOR A REASON. I BELIEVE IT IS PERFECTLY FINE TO KILL AN ANIMAL FOR FOOD, OR IF THERE IS AN OVER POULATION, OR IF THE ANIMAL IS A THREAT, HOWEVER, I DO NOT BELIEVE IN KILLING FOR SPORT OR TO BE CRUEL, OR WITHOUT A GOOD REASON. There are many different ways one could answer this question, and many ways people could be offended by those answers. Basically this question cannot be answered unless you answer some more basic questions first. (This is one of those questions that raises more questions than actually deserves a short answer.) 'Are humans animals?' 'Do animals have rights?' 'Is it a basic right of all living things to continue living?' 'How do you determine what basic rights humans should have?' 'Aren't rights basically immaterial constructs or ideas that are purely human concepts and have no bearing on anything outside of human society/civilization and thusly killing animals other than humans does not fall under consideration when determining rights?' This question can be trivialized or can spark a major philosophical discussion, but in itself is fairly vague without more context.