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Do humans or insects produce more carbon dioxide?


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Insects. Humans produce, through respiration (breathing) about 2 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. If you add the production of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels and other human industry (26 billiion metric tons) and the respiration of domesticated animals (6 billion metric tons), the total carbon dioxide production that can be blamed on humans, directly or indirectly, is 34 billion metric tons. Insects, through respiration, produce 48 billion metric tons.


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Humans produce carbon dioxide through respiration; when humans breathe out, they exhale more carbon dioxide than they had breathed in.

They produce oxygen not carbon dioxide.

Humans take in oxygen and produce carbon dioxide.

Animals and humans produce carbon dioxide naturally.

Through cellular respiration.

The amount of carbon that one person produces in a day is estimated to be 900 grams. Humans produce carbon dioxide when they breathe out.

Carbon dioxide attracts many insects to humans including mosquitoes. Bees attracted to carbon dioxide include the Africanized honey bee.

No, carbon dioxide is required by the plants for respiration. These plants in turn produce oxygen that is used by humans.

No, they produce oxygen which humans breathe in. then we breathe out carbon dioxide giving to the plant so the cycle may start again.

Humans breathe in oxygen, which plants produce, and breathe out carbon dioxide, which plants take in.

Insects and Humans breath through their mouths and nose, breathing delivers oxygen to the body and takes away the carbon dioxide.

Yes, humans are constanty breathing in Carbon Dioxide, or CO2. This is because it makes up around 0.04% of the air that we breathe in. We do not, however, use the Carbon Dioxide. It is expelled as we breathe out, along with the rest of the waste Carbon Dioxide we produce as a by-product of respiration.

most significant for humans are alcohol and carbon dioxide

Trees don't produce carbon dioxide; living things do, such as us humans. They breathe carbon dioxide. In other words, carbon dioxide is to them like oxygen is to us.

Plants don't make carbon dioxide, they produce oxygen. Humans and cattle, like all animals, produce carbon dioxide because we need oxygen in our bodies to function properly and live, and in order to do so oxygen gets converted into carbon dioxide which must be excreted or exhaled out of our systems so that more oxygen can be drawn back in.

Lungs in mammals and humans. Tracheae in insects. Gills in aquatic organisms.

Some animals produce different amounts of carbon dioxide. insects, use 6 billion metric tons. humans, use only about 2 million metric tons. I bet another animal has 4 million metric tons, and another probably has 7. There you go. Answered.

Animals, like humans, exhale carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is taken in by plants, and through the process of photosynthesis produce oxygen.

Humans produce carbon dioxide as a result of breathing, as the lungs recycle the air and in return they exhale carbon, but it can also be found deep in carbon mines and also in various plants and animals.

Plants get carbon dioxide from humans when they exhale and the carbon dioxide is removed from their blood

No, Carbon Dioxide is not "good" for humans, or any air breathing critter.

No; humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

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