Do humans or insects produce more carbon dioxide?

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CORRECT Answer Insects. Humans produce, through respiration (breathing) about 2 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. If you add the production of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels and other human industry (26 billiion metric tons) and the respiration of domesticated animals (6 billion metric tons), the total carbon dioxide production that can be blamed on humans, directly or indirectly, is 34 billion metric tons. Insects, through respiration, produce 48 billion metric tons.
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Why does yeast produce carbon dioxide?

Byproducts of metabolism . When yeast consume and metabolize sugar, they produce ethanol and carbon dioxide, CO2. (Incidentally, when human beings metabolize sugars, we also produce CO2. The difference is, we exhale it.)

What produces carbon dioxide?

Anything that breathes. We breathe in air, and it gets converted into carbon dioxide as we breathe back out

What does carbon dioxide produced by planes do?

It damages the environment by adding to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. . Greenhouse gases are responsible for the greenhouse effect, which keeps the planet warm. . Additional gases from the burning of fossil fuels are producing the enhanced greenhouse effect which is warming the plane ( Full Answer )

Does the environment produce Carbon Dioxide?

Yes, the earth's carbon cycle moves carbon, and carbon dioxide in and out of the atmosphere. Carbon is released from rotting vegetation, rotting trees, melting tundra and lake beds, aerobic (with oxygen) decomposition of landfills, and from the breath of living creatures. It also moves in and out of ( Full Answer )

What produces the most carbon dioxide?

Vegetation releases CO2 in the fall and winter, but takes up carbon again in the spring and summer. In the 800,000 years preceding the industrial revolution, atmospheric CO2 varied from 250 to 280 ppm. It is pretty clear the short term contribution from natural sources must be quite small, overall. ( Full Answer )

Where in the body is carbon dioxide produced?

Everywhere! Carbon Dioxide is a product of cellular respitation, and almost every cell in your body does cellular respiration in order to use energy from sugar you eat from food. When you use more energy (example: running) , more carbon dioxide is produced by your cells and more of it needs to be ( Full Answer )

Do plants produce carbon dioxide?

Yes, for the most part, all life as we (humanity) understand it, produces carbon dioxide. HOWEVER, Plants generally produce a NET NEGATIVE amount of carbon dioxide. Animals breathe in Oxygen, use this to burn stored energy and perform work within the body, and in the process bond the oxygen to car ( Full Answer )

What dangerous environmental side effect increases because of human produced carbon dioxide?

I am not sure... I do not believe there is one only because plants take in our carbon dioxide that we breathe out. Humans then take in plants oxygen that plants breathe out. There isn't really a negative effect of carbon dioxide because of humans. We don't cause the negative effects. I am not positi ( Full Answer )

Does fire produce carbon dioxide?

yes, fire gives off carbon dioxide and takes in oxygen Additional answer It does rather depend on what it is that's burning in the fire. A fire that's entirely hydrogen burning would not produce carbon dioxide. Where would the carbon come from? Likewise, magnesium burning would not produce any. ( Full Answer )

Carbon dioxide is produced by what processes?

Respiration: The equation is: glucose + oxygen = carbon dioxide + water Combustion: Carbon containing fuel + oxygen + carbon dioxide + water Chemical reactions: Carbonates + acid = acid salts + carbon dioxide Volcanic releases: Carbonate rocks are decomposed by heat and pressure to r ( Full Answer )

Why do cells produce carbon dioxide?

As a By product of Respiration / metabolism CO2 is produced. thus when the oxygenated blood reaches the cell. gas exchange occurs with the O2 entering the cell and CO2 leaving. the CO2 is then carried to the right side of the heart for respiration to eventually occur in the lungs and get rid of the ( Full Answer )

Do guns produce carbon dioxide?

The gases produced depend on the charge they're using. All guns produce carbon dioxide. In addition: . Nitrate based powder produces NOxs . Black powder produces sulfur compounds . If mercury fulminate is used in the promer some mercury is produced

How does the body produce carbon dioxide?

Well carbon dioxide is produced when the body needs to make energy. It happens at the cellular level, in the mitochondria of the cell. This organelle takes marcomolecules, anything from lipids, sugars, and other substances, and breaks them down to form water and carbon dioxide. That is why the body ( Full Answer )

Do insects emit carbon dioxide?

Yes, like most living things, insects are part of the carbon cycle which puts CO2 into the atmosphere and removes it again in a constant cycle.

What produces carbon dioxide and water?

Respiration of sugar Life on earth is carbon based, and since matter is neither created nor destroyed in ordinary chemical reactions, combustion of sugar also produces carbon dioxide and water as does the burning of wood, gasoline, fuel oil, and most other natural substances. The atoms in these s ( Full Answer )

How do producers use carbon dioxide?

The way producers use carbon dioxide is through a process called photosynthesis, which is a way that plants make glucose, or food, for themselves.

How is carbon dioxide produced in your body?

Carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) is produced by our cells in normal metabolism. When we run or do some strenous exercise, our body cells release carbon dioxide in large amounts. The CO 2 leaves the cells and goes into the blood, and the blood takes it to the lungs to exchange it for oxygen.

Where is the carbon dioxide that you exhale produced?

Carbon dioxide is formed as a waste product of aerobic respiration, a process that takes place in the mitochondria of our cells:. glucose + oxygen -------> carbon dioxide + water + energy. The oxygen is what we inhale ; the CO 2 is what we exhale ).

What produces the carbon dioxide you inhale?

Most living animals inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide plants try to compensate for that so they can live on earth by soaking up the carbon dioxide for photosynthesis and excreting oxygen therefore we are inhaling the carbon dioxide we create

Do all organism use oxygen and produce carbon dioxide as human do?

No. All organisms dont, like plants and trees for example, they use carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Actually plants do use oxygen and produce carbon dioxide. Plants need oxygen and glucose to respire (get energy). The key difference between plants and animals is that plants get their glucose ( Full Answer )

Why do mitochondria not produce carbon dioxide?

Mitochondria actually does produce carbon dioxode. In the processof cellular respiration 2 carbon dioxide molecules are made fromevery citrate molecule that starts the Krebs cycle.

Produces carbon dioxide and water?

Respiration of sugar Life on earth is carbon based, and since matter is neither created nor destroyed in ordinary chemical reactions, combustion of sugar also produces carbon dioxide and water as does the burning of wood, gasoline, fuel oil, and most other natural substances. The atoms in these s ( Full Answer )

What power produces carbon dioxide?

The most common actions that produce CO2 are breathing and burning something. fire causes the carbon atoms, the most stable element, to break away and cause CO2. that's why when somethings' burned it becomes black. its carbon

What produces carbon dioxide and how?

Carbon dioxide can be produced by burning organic compounds in oxygen. Carbon dioxide and water are always products of combustion reactions involving organic compounds.

Does algae produce carbon dioxide?

Algae are plants and produce oxygen from carbon dioxide when exposed to sunlight by photosynthesis. At night they produce carbon dioxide though cellular respiration.

Is carbon dioxide produced in a plant?

No, the formula is CO + H O +Sunlight = CH O + O 2 2 2 2 In other words Carbon dioxide + Water + sunlight yields Glucose + Oxygen meaning the plant takes the Carbon dioxide Water and Sunlight and PRODUCES Glucose (sugar) which is used for food and Oxygen which is a waste product.

How can you decrease the amount of carbon dioxide produced by humans?

By cutting down on our use of fossil fuels. . Burning fossil fuels for industry, transport and generation of electricity releases old carbon that has been sequestered underground for millions of years. This is not part of the normal carbon cycle and greenhouse effect which keeps the planet comfo ( Full Answer )

Why does burning coal produce more carbon dioxide than burning wood?

Coal and wood actually produce fairly similar amounts of carbon dioxide when burnt. However, the carbon dioxide produced from the wood originally came from the atmosphere and was converted by the original tree into wood - so burning the wood simply returns this to the atmosphere and there is no net ( Full Answer )

What reactants produce carbon dioxide?

When an organic molecule such as methane or ethanol undergoes complete combustion (in the presence of oxygen) it produces Carbon dioxide and water.

Why does decomposition produce carbon dioxide?

Decomposition is the process of breaking down organic substances. It is very important to note the word "Organic". Plants and animals are made up of around 18% carbon, therefore during their decomposing process, they release the carbon stored in them.

How are greenhouse gases produced and are they more or less of a problem than carbon dioxide?

The greenhouse gases that are causing global warming are carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) and methane (CH 4 ). This carbon dioxide comes from burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) in industry, transport and the generation of electricity. The methane comes from rotting organic material in land ( Full Answer )

Why does burning 1 kg of gasoline produce more than 3kg of carbon dioxide?

1000g C 8 H 18 (octane - approximately gasoline) =114 Mwt +12.5 O 2 = 32 Mwt ----> 8 CO 2 = 44 Mwt + 9H 2 O 1000/114 = 8.772 moles gasoline produces 8x 8.772 = 70.175 moles CO 2 = 70.175 X 44 = 3088 g CO 2 or 3.088 kg. The reason burning 1kg of Octane produces so much CO 2 is that the ( Full Answer )

What process produces carbon dioxide in the human body?

Cellular respiration, or more specifically something called the krebs cycle. To utilize the energy stored in your body from carbohydrates and fat, it must put the stored energy through a series of chemical reactions. The main product of these reactions is ATP, or the "raw energy" used by the human b ( Full Answer )

Why do you produce more carbon dioxide after exercise?

It's not that you produce more carbon dioxide after exercise, it's just that you need more oxygen to make up for the energy you lost DURING the exercise. When you exercise, your body undergoes both aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration. During anaerobic respiration, your body creates lactose ( Full Answer )

How is carbon dioxide produced through human activity?

Climate scientist agree that carbon dioxide levels are risingbecause of the two human activities of deforestation and burningfossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). Carbon dioxide is agreenhouse gas that is causing global warming and climate change.

Does wind produce carbon dioxide?

NO, wind is the result of changes in air pressure resulting in the flow of air. Carbon Dioxide is part of Earth's air and it is produced by human exhalation (breathing out).

What part of the day do plants produce more carbon dioxide and oxygen?

In general, plants either produce oxygen or produce carbon dioxide,but not both at the same time. During the daytime plants use sunlight (or other sources of light)to support photosynthesis where carbon dioxide is taken in andoxygen is generated. At night (or when it is dark) plants take inoxygen an ( Full Answer )