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Depends on where you live. In some areas, some types of hummingbirds stay year round. ---- Yes, however, if the winter is mild, and you keep the liquid feeder out, they will stay in your neighborhood through the winter season. This would probably just be one or two hummingbirds.

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Q: Do hummingbirds always go south in the winter?
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Where do hummingbirds go for the Winter?


How do hummingbirds go south in winter?

they migrate south by flying

What do the hummingbirds do in the winter?

They go down south like the other birds.

When do hummingbirds leave to go south?

i think in the winter?

Where do hummingbirds in Utah go during winter?

It depends on the variety of hummingbird. Some winter in Arizona, some in Mexico and I believe even as far as South America

Where do ruby throated hummingbirds live?

Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds live in woods, orchards, gardens and forest in the winter. IT DEPENDS WHERE THEY WANT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where do hummingbirds go in the winter?

Simple where all the other birds go. To my house for bird feed fresh from my hand!

What do swans do for winter?

they go south for the winter

Which way does geese go in the winter time?

They go south for the winter.

Why do birds go south for the winter?

Birds go south for winter because it is far too cold for them to survive the winter in the northern areas.

Do bluebirds go south in the winter?

In much of the New England states they will stay but north of the New England they will go south for the winter. Also in much of the northern mid-west states they will go south for the winter.

When do hummingbirds hibernate?

Hummingbirds do not hibernate. They fly south. There are enough flowers there to provide enough nectar to keep an adult bird alive. Some spend the winter in Florida. Some go to the Yucatan. They have to fly north in the summer where the flowers produce enough nectar for both themselves and to provide for their children.

Where do blue jays go for the winter?

south south

Where do geese go in winter?


Buffalo go South for the winter?


Where do geese go in the winter?

they go south where it is warmer

What butterflies go south for the winter?

Monarch butterflies travel south to Mexico in the winter, then back north in the summer.

Where do go hummingsbirds go in the winter?

They "hitchhike" on geese to the south for winter, then "hitchhike" back for the warmer months

Where do the birds go in migration?

During the winter birds fly south for the winter

Where do swallows go in the winter?

Swallows migrate in winter to Cuba and South America.

Where do the birds go when they go south for the winter?

The Birds Migrate South Where It Is Warmer They Mostly Go To The Warmest Places

Where do hummingbirds go in winter?

Depending on the specific species, they generally winter in Mexico, Costa Rica and British Columbia. But can sometimes be found in Southern California, Arizona, Texas and Florida.

Where do burrowing owls live in the winter?

In the winter Burrowing Owls go to the South of America.

Where do dragonflies go in winter?

They travel south an they do not come back until they are sure its winter

Why would the population of brine shrimp go down in the winter?

they migrate south for the winter

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