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Yes, you would be covered by YOUR insurance company, given you have "Full-Coverage" coverage on your policy. Keep in mind, when filing a claim with your own insurance company, that this claim will follow you on a permanent insurance record for 5 years, possibly more in depending on your state. So be very wary of claiming an accident that was someone else's fault on your insurance. This may raise your premiums, or make you ineligible for insurance through A rated companies. If you have any more questions, direct them to my email. Sean

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How do you get auto insurance for accident prone drivers?

You get auto insurance for accident prone drivers the same way as normal drivers. You will need to provide relevant car details and your driving history information and then receive insurance policy quotes. Insurance premiums for accident prone drivers are generally much higher.

Which auto insurance companies offer low rates for drivers who have had a previous accident?

Allstate still offers good rates even if you have had an accident.

What companies sell car colission reports to consumers and insurance companies?

There is a company who supplies information to insurance companies called CLUE. This company gives insurance companies information on losses paid by all insurance companies and what type and amount of the claim was paid. CLUE also supplies companies with a variety of information. It gives information like people who had auto insurance at the same address as you have and people who were listed on insurance policies of you in the past like other household members or drivers.

Which company advertises cheaper insurance for young drivers?

Some companies that advertise cheaper insurance for young drivers are FreeInsuranceQuotation, and LoansStore. These are all insurance companies that advertised on articles about cheap insurance for young drivers.

Which companies claim to offer cheap car insurance for a young driver?

Most insurance companies shy away from granting insurance to young drivers because there are new drivers and pose the greatest risk of getting into an accident. Because Progressive insurance does quite lot of advertising in regards to being better than the other insurance agents, one can look into getting cheap insurance rates for young drivers from this particular company.

What companies provide car insurance for lady drivers?

All insurance companies provide insurance to lady drivers. It would be extremely rude and sexist if insurance companies refused women, not to mention bad for business.

What companies offer auto insurance to drivers who have gotten a DUI?

Many companies will not offer auto insurance to drivers who have been convicted of a DUI. GMAC and The General are two companies who will insure such drivers.

How do insurance companies verify a drivers license is valid?

Insurance companies have direct access to the MVR records. The results come back in code, and the insurance companies know the meaning of the codes. This is to keep others from accidentally finding your information..

Economical auto insurance for accident prone driver?

Accident prone drivers who get into more accidents than the typical person cost the insurance company more money. Thus insurance companies charge higher insurance policy premiums to reflect this increased risk to them. You may also consider taking some safe drivers educational courses as well.

Where can I get information on hvg insurance?

Drivers who have tickets should be prepared to pay a higher premium for insurance than those who do not have tickets. Statistics show that drivers who recieve tickets will usually get into an accident at some point and insurance companies will charge high premiums to offset the costs that will be incurred if that were to happen. The more tickets you have the more you can expect to pay for your premium.

Where can one purchase drivers insurance in Edmonton?

You can purchase drivers insurance in Edmonton from several different companies. Some companies that operate in Edmonton are Allstate, Federated Insurance, and AMA Insurance.

Drivers Must Have Proof?

Missouri drivers can get great car insurance rates if they look online or call one of the local companies. The average car insurance premiums in Missouri are $1, 149. This is below the average of other states in the country. One of the only months that rates are higher in the state is October. The rest of the year, drivers see lower rates on their insurance. Missouri is under a Tort system when it comes to who pays the medical expenses after a car accident. Someone in the car accident has to be found to be at fault so that one of the insurance companies can pay the premium. A minimum coverage of $25,000 for one person in the event of an auto accident is required by the state. Drivers can get a higher coverage if they want to do so. A maximum of $50,000 is awarded for each person involved in the accident to pay medical expenses if there are any to pay. There are smaller insurance premiums that can be purchased in the state. Missouri requires that all drivers carry liability coverage, but they are not required to have collision or comprehensive unless they are buying a vehicle. Drivers who do not have insurance and are in an accident cause the rates of other drivers to increase. The numbers of insurance claims that remain unpaid are climbing due to more drivers thinking they can get by with no insurance. Drivers are required to provide proof of insurance before they can get the tag on their car renewed or when they register a vehicle. If they cannot provide this information, they will not get the vehicle registered. If you drive in the state of Missouri, you must have proof of your insurance in your car. Not only must you have proof of the insurance, it has to be an updated copy that has a current date. Not providing this information if a driver gets stopped could result in a ticket. Drivers who are in an accident and do not have insurance will be turned over to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Which insurance companies offer cheap car insurance for new and inexperienced drivers?

Insurance companies that offer cheap car insurance for new and inexperienced drivers include Salt Springs Insurance, Meloche Monnex Insurance, and Kanetix.

Insure Your Young Drivers in Phoenix?

Every driver in Phoenix needs proper car insurance. This includes young drivers. People who do not have much experience driving get into accidents more frequently than those who have been driving for a long time. Because of this, car insurance companies often charge younger drivers more for insurance. However, car insurance for young drivers does not always have to be expensive. By following a few simple steps, young drivers can find affordable car insurance policies that offer comprehensive coverage.The best way for young drivers to find car insurance is to compare quotes. There are many insurance comparison sites online that can provide drivers with quotes from a number of car insurance companies. All a driver has to do is fill out a simple form. The information is submitted to top car insurance companies, and drivers are provided with a rough estimate of the policies and monthly premiums that they may be eligible for. However, young drivers should keep in mind that these estimates are based on just a few pieces on information. They may have to contact insurance companies and provide more specific information before they know exactly how much a policy will cost.There are a few ways that younger drivers in Phoenix can save money on their car insurance premiums. Parents can often add their children to their car insurance policies. This can make a big difference in lowering the price that young drivers pay for insurance every month. Young drivers can also save money by agreeing to only drive short distances. Insurance companies often set monthly mileage limits on policies. When people only drive short distances, they have a lower chance of being involved in an accident. Insurance companies will often provide young drivers in Phoenix with lower premiums if they agree to drive a short distance every month. Another way that young drivers can save money on their car insurance is by driving and inexpensive vehicle. Insurance companies are responsible for reimbursing people when accidents happen. Driving an inexpensive car means that insurance companies will not be liable to pay out large amounts of money in the event of an accident. With this, they are able to provide lower monthly premiums to young drivers in Phoenix.

What happens if both drivers deny fault in accident then it goes to court?

Then the court and insurance companies will decide. Get all the information you can, take photos, anything and everything about the incident and reasons why you aren't at fault. If you can, also hire an attorney.

Which companies will provide a good deal on auto insurance for high risk drivers?

Almost all auto insurance companies offer different deals to match any type of driver, especially also high risk drivers. Some of these companies are The General Insurance, Drivers First Insurance, Titan Insurance, Acorn Insurance and many more.

Where can insurance be acquired for new drivers?

Insurance can definitely be high for new drivers. Find out if there are any affordable insurance companies in your area that are willing to work with new drivers.

What insurance companies in Florida will cover drivers with DUI's?

There are insurance companies that will provide insurance to individuals with DUI's. Make sure to provide honest information to the companies so that they can give you the best deal available for your circumstances. The insurance will cost more than for those who have clean driving records.

Which car insurance companies offer cheap insurance for young drivers?

Nationwide and All State are two large insurance companies that offer cheap insurance for young drivers. Both companies have great customer reviews and multiple locations to serve their customers.

Do the insurance companies have to give cheap car insurance to young drivers?

No they do not have to and they generally do not. Young drivers are in a higher risk group which makes car insurance expensive for younger drivers.

Are there any car insurance companies in Texas who won't insure women drivers?

There are no insurance companies in Texas that won't insure women drivers. Every insurance company is to insure drivers including husband, wife, teen drivers, and people who drive your car on a regular basis.

What companies in Ohio offer car insurance for bad drivers?

You can get a free quote for you car insurance from safeauto.com. Simply select your state and fill out the application. If you have had a car accident before, or you are likely to have an accident, your premium may be higher, so you might want to choose an insurance company with a lower premium.

Which companies provide car insurance for convicted drink drivers?

Companies such as Glynwood and Fresh insurance companies provide car insurance for drink drivers. It is likely to cost quite a lot more to insure a driver who has a drink drive conviction.

What companies offer female insurance?

This question is rather unspecific so it will be assumed that 'female insurance' refers to car insurance. Most insurance companies offer car insurance for female drivers and some even cater specifically to female drivers.

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