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Do jews and muslims get along?

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It depends entirely on where they live. US and Canadian Jews and Muslims get along rather well. In the Middle East, they do not get along as well.

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How are Jews and Christians treating Muslims?

They fight in the Middle East, but, get along elsewhere in the world.

Are there more Jews than Muslims?

There are over 100x more Muslims than Jews.

What foods are halal for jews?

Muslims and Jews don't eat pork. Muslims eat shellfish, but Jews don't.

What city in Israel has Jews and Muslims in it?

Every city in Israel has Jews and Muslims in it.

Are Jews Christians or Muslims?

Jews are neither Christians nor Muslims. However, Jews, Christians, and Muslims worship same God. Refer to related question below.

Are there more Jews in Europe than Muslims?

No, there are more Muslims living in Europe than there are Jews.

Who lives in the land of the Hebrews?

The Jews live there, along with a very small minority of other religions, mostly Muslims and Christians.

Does the wailing wall belong to Muslims or Jews?


What city do both Muslims and Jews consider holy?

Jerusalem is considered holy by Muslims, Jews, and Christians.

Can Muslims and Jews eat pork?

Neither Muslims nor Jews are allowed by their religions to eat pork.

What Jewish belief are shared by christians and Muslims?

All Christians, Jews and Muslims believe in one God. For Christians and Jews it is YHWH, for Muslims Allah.

Do jews have mosques?

No. Mosques are used by Muslims as their place of worship, not by Jews. Jews pray in synagogues.See also:More about Jewish prayer and synagogues

Who is involved in this conflict?

Christans , Jews, Muslims, Non Muslims

What is a book of ancient writing sacred to the Jews Christians and Muslims?

Jews: Torah Christians: Bible Muslims: Qur'an

Where do Muslims group and Jews worship?

Muslims perform group ritual prayers in Mosque (Masjid) and the Jews in synagogue.

Were Muslims afraid of Jews?

No, I don't think most Muslims were afraid of Jews. But Muslims were certainly puzzled and frustrated by the refusal of most Jews to convert to Islam. Muslims sincerely believed they had the true religion, and they could not understand why Jews did not accept the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. This was similar to the reaction of the Christians in their early days-- they too believed they had the true religion and could not understand why most Jews did not accept Jesus as the messiah.These days, sad to say, many Muslims are taught negative stereotypes about Jews (some based on the situation in Israel and Palestine, some based on certain verses from the Qur'an that seem to say Jews are devious or untrustworthy), while in other cases, such as in pluralistic societies like the United States, Jews and Muslims generally get along well and respect each other's religions.

What is considered a holy city by Jews and Muslims?

Jerusalem is considered Holy by Jews, Christians, & Muslims alike. For Jews, it is where their temples were built; for Christians it was where Christ Rose from the Dead; for Muslims, it is where Muhammad a dream where he ascended to Heaven.

What is the place of pilgrimage for Jews Christians and Muslims?

Modern Jews don't go on pilgrimage. For Christians, it is Jerusalem. For Muslims it is Mecca

Is the Old Testament common to Jews Christians and Muslims?

The old testament is common for Jews and Christians and not Muslims. However, Torah that is part of the old testament is common to Muslims.

How do Muslims see Christians and Jews?

Muslims see Jews and Christians as "people of the book" because they are holders of the holy books Torah and the Bible that Muslims believe in their divinity.

Who was persecuted in the Inquisition?

The Jews and Muslims

Dome of the rock for Jews?

no it is for Muslims

How did early Muslims treat Jews and christians?

Since the Muslims believe that Jews and Christians were "People of the book", they received special treatment.

What distinguishes Christians from Jews and Muslims?

Christians believe in Christianity, whereas Muslims and Jews do not. See the related question for more details.

Where do Jews and Muslims go to worship?

Muslims go for worship (praying) to mosque or any clean place. Jews go to synagogue.

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