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Yes ! Now, at last, the truth can be told: Many Jews have gold. Several American Jews with IRAs and 401(k)s have invested some of their retirement funds in gold. A great number of those Jews now over 80 years of age, both American- and foreign-born, who grew up with sufficient wealth to seek dental care, have gold fillings in their teeth, even to this day ! Perhaps most shocking of all, there are Jews who, with seemingly no concern for their health or reputation, wear gold for decoration, in necklaces, bracelets, and rings. It's also true that many Jews have no gold at all.
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Who are the Jews?

Jews are members of one of the oldest religions, the religion ofMoses. The line between being a member of the religion and being ofthe Jewish "race" seems to be difficult even for Jews to define;however most Jews consider Judaism a religion, rather than a race. The Torah is a partial history of the ( Full Answer )

What do Jews do?

Jews do Mitzvot. The word "Mitzvot" is the plural of the word"Mitzvah." A mitzvah is a Jewish word for a Divine commandment. Forthose who have read the bible, there are 613 commandments in theTorah. Those are the mitzvot. They include the Ten Commandments, aswell as laws about charity (called Tzedek ( Full Answer )

What is a Jew?

A Jew is anyone who is a member of the Jewish faith. In practice, the word is also used of people descended from Jews in the above sense, even if they are themselves non-practicing or atheist.

Who is a Jew?

Jewish tradition states that a Jew is any person whose mother wasJewish (Talmud, Kidushin 68b), or any person who has gone through aproper conversion to Judaism (Talmud, Yevamot 47a). . The word "Jew" (in Hebrew, "Yehudi") is derived from the name ofJudah, the fourth son of Jacob and one of the Tw ( Full Answer )

What and who are Jews?

Judaism is the religion described in the Torah, and is also known as the religion of Moses. Jews are the adherents of the religion of Judaism. A Jew is someone who was born to a Jewish mother, or a convert.

Do you have to be born a Jew to become a Jew?

No. Anyone is welcome to join the Jewish family. Formal conversion is necessary, and this can take from 1 to 6 years of study before going before a beit din (religious court), going to mikvah, and circumcision for men. Once someone converts they are AS Jewish as anyone born to a Jewish mother.

How did the non-Jews help the Jews?

By accepting them as normal human beings and fighting for the same rights they had, During the Holocaust, some risk there lives hiding Jewish families. Right now USA is supporting the state of Israel. Although the US is majority Christian, all religion and races are free and equal so it is really no ( Full Answer )

If Jesus is a Jew is God a Jew?

Answer 1 God is not a person, God does not have a wife, God is not a Jew, Christian, Buddhist, etc, God is just God - the creator of the world. Answer 2 An opposing view- God is a person. Jesus was a Jew (on his mother's side) and he specifically mentioned being sent to the Jews. Jesus seemed ( Full Answer )

What do the Jews do?

In terms of physically, the Jewish people do the same thing as normal people. In terms of religion the Jews are People that worship God but they think that Jesus from the Bible was just a Prophet.

Why are the Jews called Jews?

The word "Jew" comes from "Judaism" which comes from the nameJudah, which is also the name of one of the 12 Jewish tribes. Thereason for this is that at one point in history (some 2500 yearsago) the majority of the other Israelite tribes were exiled topoints unknown, so that most Israelites today ar ( Full Answer )

Why did Jews bring gold to ghettos?

Gold was then, as it is now; valuable. You could buy more with a gold coin than you could with a copper coin.

Should Jews marry Jews?

That a Jew would marry a fellow Jew would make the marriage between the two partners work. Jews are even supposed to marry cousins per Numbers (B'midbar) 36: " 5 And Moses commanded the children of Israel according to the word of the LORD, saying: 'The tribe of the sons of Joseph speaketh right. ( Full Answer )

Who or what are the Jews?

The Jews (Hebrew: יְהוּדִים‎ "Yehudim"), also known as the Jewish people, are a nation and ethnoreligious group originating in the Israelites or Hebrews of the Ancient Near East. The Jewish ethnicity, nationality, and religion are strongly interrelated, as Judaism is ( Full Answer )

Do you have to be a Jew?

No. Unlike Christianity, there is no requirement or need in the Jewish religion for non-Jews to convert.

When were Jews first called Jews?

The word Jews goes back to the Greek and Latin, referring to the Israelites of the Second Temple and afterwards. During the First Temple, most of the twelve Israelite tribes were exiled by Shalmanesser and didn't return. In the Second Temple, some 80% of the Israelites were of the tribe of Judah; so ( Full Answer )

Where did Jews get the name Jew from?

The English word Jew starts in Middle English "Gyw" and "Iewe", where it was taken from Old French "giu", earlier "juieu", originating from the Latin "Iudaeum". The Latin Iudaeus means Judaean, "from the land of Judaea". From the tribe of Judah, and later, the nation Judah. After 75 years as a na ( Full Answer )

Where did Eva braun hide the Jew gold?

She hid the Jew gold in the jewdengoldenscheilagerudeben in Munich. There are over six thousand pieces of Jew gold, some weighing pounds worth millions of dollar.

Can a non-Jew marry a Jew?

Jewish law prohibits Jews from marrying Non-Jews. Although some Reform rabbis will perform intermarriages, they are in a minority. Some modern communities and families welcome non-Jewish spouses.

What did Jews do?

Hitler had a pure hate of Jewish people because he thought their blood was un-pure.

Why did non-Jews help Jews?

Because Jewish people are the same as anyone one else. It was one man that wanted them gone. If you saw people being killed just because they were different, would you help them? Its in most peoples nature to help the needy or sick.

When did Jews become Jews in the Bible?

Answer The first instance of Israelites of all tribes being referred to asJews in the Tanach (Jewish Bible), is in the Book ofEsther. Answer: A Jew is merely a descendant of one of the tribesof Israel, Judah . They have always been Jews. Itis through the tribe of Judah (the Jews) from ( Full Answer )

How did the Jews become the Jews?

Tradition holds that Judaism began with Abraham in Israel, aroundthe year 2000 BCE, when he recognized the existence of one Godabove all others. Archeological evidence for Jews in Israel dates back to about 1600BCE. Answer: According to tradition, Abraham founded Judaism, and Moses laterreceived ( Full Answer )

Why do Jews marry other Jews?

Well, Christians marry other Christians, Hindus marry other Hindus, so; Jews marry other Jews. There. Traditional Judaism does not permit interfaith marriages, because the children of such marriages would be lost to Judaism. Their religious beliefs are such that members are following religious ( Full Answer )

Are the Falasha Jews the original Jews?

On the evidence, no, although traditional beliefs among the Falasha Jews is that they are from the tribe of Dan. A 1999 study of the DNA of 38 unrelated Beta Israel (Falasha Jew) males living in Israel and 104 Ethiopians living in regions located north of Addis Ababa demonstrated that the male ance ( Full Answer )

How were Jews treated by non-Jews?

Jews have been treated in all sorts of ways by non-Jews over theirlong history - in fact, they have experienced pretty much the fullspectrum of human reactions to other groups in society. There have always been friends of the Jews, as many people havegreatly admired what they see as the strong tradi ( Full Answer )

Why did the Jews have to register with The Council of Jews?

If you are referring to the Judenraete during the Holocaust, Jews were required to register by German Law. Failure to register with the Judenrat was punishable by death. Other than that, there is no "Council of Jews" as some nebulous term for a Jewish International Organization. Jews do not have ( Full Answer )

What do Jews have to go to Jews registration?

Jews who decide to live in Israel have officials take information about them, and there were lost tribes of Ethiopian Jews who needed to undergo special conversions to be recognized as Jews.

Are Jews Hebrews or are Hebrews Jews?

Hebrew refers to the ancient people that later became the Jews,but both terms are used interchangeably in ancient times. In modern times, Hebrew refers to a language, and Jew refers to thepeople. Answer: "Hebrews" (Ivrim) actually means descendants of Eber (Ever). Everwas an ancestor of Abraham ( ( Full Answer )

What can Jews do or not do?

Jews keep the laws of kashrut, which restrict what one eats, aswell as observing Shabbat and Jewish holidays. They must dress in acertain fashion; for instance, it is generally accepted in theOrthodox community that girls must cover their upper legs and arms,as well as their collarbones, and boys we ( Full Answer )

What do Jews wear to show that they are Jews?

Jews do not generally wear anything specifically for the purpuse of showing that they are Jews. During the Holocaust, they were forced to wear yellow stars with the word JEW on them to show that they were Jews. Most Jews wear the same things non-Jews wear. Among the Orthodox, some women wear l ( Full Answer )

How did the Jews warn the other Jews?

Answer 1 They yelled to the other Jews to run away and shot themselves. They did send word, by letter and by person, the problem was that the news was so unimaginable that no one believed it. Answer 2 The question as posed is very vague. It could be referring to conspiracies that Jews have ( Full Answer )

How did Jews feel about the extermination of Jews?

Answer 1 Like it was the death of all of us and that the people who did it are beyond imaginably terrible and will rot in Hell. Answer 2 It's a silly question. Every group of people feels the same way when individuals with whom they identify are rounded up in a mechanical way to be disposed ( Full Answer )

Why fight the Jews if Jesus was a Jew?

Christians sometimes decide to fight Jews because they believe that Jesus was the Messiah and want the Jews to accept him (instead of rejecting everything about him - in a religious context) and believe that unless they do, they will not be able to get into heaven. Also, throughout history, Jews wer ( Full Answer )

Why are Christians not Jews if Jesus was a Jew?

Let's take that argument and apply it to a different situation to see how ridiculous it is. "Michael Jordan is black. Therefore, all Michael Jordan fans are black." There was actually some dissension on this topic in the early Church, with some people believing that non-Jews must, for example, be ( Full Answer )

Is a Torah Jew an Orthodox Jew?

It depends on how the term is meant. "Torah Jews" can mean morethan one thing. If the definition is: Those who live the laws of the Torah (whichis the way the phrase "Torah Jews" is usually used), then it isunderstandably common to reserve that description for observantJews. It is indeed customary ( Full Answer )

What are Hellenistic Jews and hebraic Jews?

All Jews are "Hebraic" Jews, because the term 'Hebrew' ('ivri, עברי) is one of the ancient names for Jews. Hellenistic Jews refers to Jews (Hebrews) who adopted Hellenic (Greek) social and community practices. The primary group that made up the Hellenists were the Sadducees (tsdukím ( Full Answer )

Why do the Jews wear Jews Caps?

First of all, they are called "Kippahs" or "Yarmulkes." (Yah-Mah-KAHZ). They symbolize Jews being protected from evil and sin.

Why is the God for Jews the God for Jews?

The most important thing to understand is that in Judaism there is no "God for Jews". Unlike religions that developed contemporaneously (such as Pharaonic Egyptian Faiths, Assyrian religions, Early Mede Faiths and so on), Judaism does not have a God who represents the Interests of the Jewish People ( Full Answer )

Why do Jews behave like Jews?

Perhaps you care to elaborate...if not, then ask yourself: Why do Frenchmen behave like Frenchmen Why do Germans behave like Germans Why do Gambians behave like Gambians Why do Norwegians behave like Norwegians Why do Nepalese behave like Nepalese Why do Venezuelans behave like Venezuelans. Get the ( Full Answer )

Are Ashkenazic Jews real Jews?

Yes, Ashkenazic Jews are real Jews. Anyone claiming otherwise isbasing himself on an anti-Semitic canard made popular by a JewishJew-hater named Koestler. It has been debunked by DNA studies onJewish communities from around the world. It has been found thatAshkenazim, and other Jews from all over th ( Full Answer )

Do the Jews hate Jews for Jesus?

Answer 1 In the case of Judaism "Jews for Jesus" does not make any sense. "Jews for Jesus" are pretty much Christians. I say this for a lot of reasons, but here's the short answer: Jews believe in God exclusively. Christians believe in the Hebrew God as well as Jesus, which is what makes them Chri ( Full Answer )

Why do Jews hate non-Jews?

Firstly, most Jews do not hate non-Jews. Hatred requires emotion,focused and persistent, and Jews are not interested in wastingtheir energies on such a dubious enterprise. This is especiallytrue when Jews realize just how many wonderful non-Jews there arein the world. The Israeli Holocaust Memorial, ( Full Answer )

Are the Ethiopian Jews the original Jews?

Answer 1 No. All people who claim Jewish ancestry admit and believe thatAbraham was their founding ancestor. Since he was born in Iraq (Ur)in Western Asia, and since Jews have intermarried very little inthe last 3800 years, he probably looked like Jews today. Ourtradition is that the twelve sons of ( Full Answer )

Do Jews marry non-Jews?

They're not supposed to, because it can endanger the future ofJudaism. Christians and Moslems (and others) also, agree thatpeople should marry within their own religion. Sadly, many Jews don't care - they think love is more important.

How do Sephardi Jews differ from Jews?

Sephardi Jews differ from the more common Ashkenazi Jews in thatthey are the descendants of Jews from the Iberian Peninsula upuntil the Spanish Inquisition and the Arab World in general asopposed to being from Europe. They have differing variations inculture and in practises, which mainly comes from ( Full Answer )

Where are the Jews from?

The Jewish people are descendants of Abraham, whose Semiticancestors lived in the Fertile Crescent and who lived most of hislife in the Middle Eastern country of Israel (Canaan) 3800 yearsago. Abraham is called a Hebrew (Genesis ch.14) because "Hebrews"(Ivrim) means descendants of Eber (Ever). They ( Full Answer )

How do non-Jews call Jews?

It depends on the Non-Jew. Some of them just call Jews as Jews.Others use metaphoric langauge like "the Chosen People". Stillothers use racial/ethnic slurs to describe Jews.

Do Jews carry sacks of gold around their necks?

No. You are living in a Grimms Brothers fairy tale. This is anabsurd question. Jews are no more likely to carry a sack of gold ontheir necks than anyone else is. This is one of many exaggerationsthat the South Park TV show makes about different groups andcultures. Commentary The absurd question i ( Full Answer )