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Koalas do not hibernate, but they do sleep for up to 20 hours per day.

They do not migrate either, as there is no need. Their food source remains constant throughout the year.

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Does a koala hibernate or migrate?

Koalas neither hibernate nor migrate.

What month do koalas hibernate?

Koalas do not hibernate.

Do koalas hibernate to survive?

No. Koalas do not hibernate at all.

Does a bear hibernate or migrate?

hibernate. birds migrate.

Why do koalas migrate?

Koalas do not migrate. No Australian mammals migrate.

Do mountain hares migrate or hibernate?

hibernate not migrate

Does a jack rabbit migrate or hibernate?

They do not migrate or hibernate.

Do koalas migrate or not?

No. Koalas do not migrate. No Australian mammals migrate on a seasonal basis.

Do white lions hibernate or migrate?

No, lions do not migrate nor do they hibernate.

Does grey whale migrate or hibernate?

Whale migrate they do not and cannot hibernate.

Where do lions hibernate and migrate?

Lions neither hibernate or migrate.

Do Siberian tigers migrate or hibernate?

They don't migrate or hibernate.

Does a tiger hibernate migrate or stay?

Tigers do not hibernate or migrate.

Do SeaHorses Migrate or Hibernate?

Sea horses do not hibernate or migrate.

Does a horse hibernate or migrate?

Neither. They don't migrate ORhibernate!

Does the clownfish hibernate or migrate?

No, the Clownfish does not hibernate nor does it migrate.

Do koalas hibernate?

No. Koalas do not hibernate.Koalas are not bears, despite often wrongly being referred to as koala bears, so their physiology is quite different to that of bears, many of which do hibernate.Australia has an essentially temperate climate, which means that koalas do not need to hibernate. Koalas' food source remains constant, and they sleep 18-22 hours a day anyway, as that is the nature of their metabolism.

Does a puma migrate of hibernate?

A puma neither migrates nor does it hibernate.

Do pandas hibernate or migrate?

Unfortuantly pandas do not hibernate. Im not sure about migrate but my answer is none. They dont hibernate or migrate. Answered by Pepsi906

Do koalas estivate or migrate?

Koalas neither estivate nor migrate.

Do koalas migrate seasonally?

Koalas do not migrate at all, seasonally or otherwise. No Australian mammals migrate.

Does a jellyfish migrate or hibernate?

jellyfish dont migrate and or hibernate either

Do mink hibernate or migrate?

the wild mink does not hibernate or migrate for the winter

Do foxes hibernate or migrate?

Foxes neither hibernate nor migrate.

Do wallabies hibernate or migrate?

Wallabies neither hibernate nor migrate.

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