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She HAD both parts but she had surgery


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this does not show any proof yet but she at one time did have two body parts.

Lady Gaga, a human-being, clearly has two legs.

No, Justin Bieber is not Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are two separate people. Lady Gaga is a female pop star and Justin Bieber is a male pop star.

does lady gaga live on the Conner of two streets YES IN NSW POTSVILLE

Lady Gaga has two apartments. One in NYC, and another in LA.

No, Lady Gaga does not have any pets.

No, Lady Gaga performed the song Paparazzi song.

No, they are two different girls... Lady Gaga has the same colour hair but That's about it.

well they are two different people. lady gaga dosent really like shakira.. lady gaga thinks that shakira is so buff.

Amy winehouse and lady gaga are two very different people lady gaga is still alive and preforming.

GaGa has two pet Harlequin Great Danes.

The two have never met ;) There is no mention of any "Lady gaga" in the Harry Potter novels.

lady gaga sang with beyoncy and they sang two songs 1. videophone 2. telephone

Yes, the big dogs do belong to Lady GaGa. I have no idea why they are in her videos though.

She has two great danes

Yeah she was on two episodes if I am not mistaken.

No they are two different artists.

she is a dress size two

ladg gaga is greek German nd itillian

yes they did two duets; video phone by beyonce and telephone by lady gaga . They had to learn it together, so yes, they met.

NO, she is not. Lady Gaga is of ITALIAN lineage and grew up with her own family in New York. The two aren't even the same RACE.

lady gaga has two dogs but no kids

the first two songs that lady gaga performed were Just dance and poker face. but actually, the first song she produced with RedOne was boys boys boys.

Lady gaga has two dogs that are greatdans there names are Allison and Abbey ROad and she also has a little dog named Yoko but i dont know what type.

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