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Yes most landline phone services today also offer internet and sometimes cable services bundled together. Ask you service provider what special they have.

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Q: Do landline phone service providers offer dsl deals?
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Do people still offer landline phone service?

There are many landline phone services available. Typically, the more popular ones are offered through your cable company and even some cellphone providers offer landline services.

Which service providers still cover landline phones?

Even though cell phones seem to be the most popular these days, there are still many provider that offer a landline phone. Some of these providers are AT&T, Comcast, CenturyLink, Vonage, and Verizon.

Is landline phone service needed for broadband internet connection?

DSL Extreme has a deal with Verizon where you do not have to have a landline to get DSL. Other providers like AT&T offer DSL without a landline to limited markets. If you choose Cable internet, you do not need a landline at all.

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There are several limousine service providers that offer deals for traveling from NY to Niagara. The best deals can be found at

what wireless internet providers offer service to 29137?

what wireless internet providers offer service to 29137?

Are there any service providers that still sell landline telephone services?

There are still many providers that sell land-line telephone services. Actually, many of the cellphone providers offer land-line telephone services as-well.

Where can I find affordable landline phone service in new mexico?

You can check out the deals from Verizon since they always offer deep discounts to attract customers.

Does your carrier offer cell phone internet service?

If you have Verizon landline, then yes they offer cell phone internet service.

Does AT&T offer landline phone service in Canada?

Yes, but the costumers have bad reviews about the service in Canada

What providers offer telephone service in Spokane?

At&T and Comcast both offer telephone service in Spokane WA.

What tv providers offer the best deals?

Tv providers run different deals at different times. You can keep an eye out for the deals on the computer or on tv ads. I would also keep an eye out for ads in the mail.

What providers offer cheap internet service?

There are a number of different carriers and providers that currently offer cheap internet service such as Time Warner Cable and Comcast cable as well.

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