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Do leg raises help you lose fat?

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no but it does build muscle

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Does running help lose leg fat?

no, you cant spot reduce!! but it will help you to lose fat all over your body

How do you lose leg fat by swimming?

You can lose leg fat by swimming because the resistance of the water causes you to burn fat in your legs. Swimming is a good way to develop muscle and lose weight.

Can you lose leg fat by riding a horse?

Yes! riding is really hard work, and if you do it enough, u could lose leg fat.

What excerise slim the sides down?

sides/love handles are primarily because of fat and spot reduction of fat is not possible and to lose them you have to go on a whole body fat loss. But still the exercises which hit the problem area and help tone the muscle there are #bamboo twisting #side bends # machine twisting # leg raises to the side # oblique crunch

How do you lose leg fat in 20 minutes?

You cannot lose leg fat in 20 minutes by any natural means. To do it in such a short time would require some surgical intervention.

What is the best exercise to lose belly and leg fat?

Here is a short on how to lose weight will this exercise here is a free YouTube video on how to do that h ttps:// oke .io/gt2VdnVO

Are there any exercise I can do to lose the fat in my leg?

It's difficult to lose fat in targeted areas. One way to increase fat loss in your legs is to perform weight-bearing exercises. This will decrease the fat in your legs while increasing muscle. Leg lifts, squats, pushes and pulls are all good leg exercises to increase muscle and burn fat.

Is walking good to lose leg fat?

yes it dose and it strengthens your leg muscles so dose jogging.

How do youlose leg fat?

You cannot spot train. Which means, you cannot lose only leg fat or only stomach fat. As you lose weight, your entire body sheds "sheets" of fat all over your body. Usually the biggest portion of fat in one area will get the most improvements. Working out your legs constantly will cause your legs to gain muscle, but does not mean you'll lose only fat in your legs.

What corresponding muscle does leg raises go to?

The gluteus maximus muscle is main muscle worked in leg raises.

How do you lose belly and leg fat?

To lose your belly fat, it is best to do stretches, running, curl-ups and a good diet of fat-free sugar-free and wheat-free foods. To lose the leg fat it is best to jog, walk, run, do squats, sit -ups and dances.

Can flexibility exercises get rid of leg fat?

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Can side leg raises make your hips wider and bigger?

Side leg raises dont make your hips wider. Take a look at Ballerinas. They spend most of their time doing side leg raises. Sitting on the couch eating 1/4 ers will.

Does jogging help trim leg fat?

Yes definitely it does. Jogging is a very good exercise in general to lose weight and fat in our body. Especially in our legs because our legs are the most used organ while jogging and it burns a lot of fat and calories while jogging

What would be a good exercise to lose belly fat?

Good exercises to lose belly fat would be to work out the abs. The best exercises for that include the bicycle exercise, the captain's chair leg raise, exercise ball crunch, vertical leg crunch, and long arm crunch.

What exercises help you to get abs?

situps in a decline position situps towards left and right side leg raises for lower abs

What are good exercises to lose the fat in your calf and add muscle to them?

Any type of leg exercise can help you lose the fat in your calves. Walking or Power Walking can help, along with Leg Presses, because they require you to use that muscle. Use a pedometer as you do this to keep track of your steps, and try to get 10,000 in one day, or just go outside or to your local park and walk a few miles. I do push ups, squats, and leg lifts along with these thing and it helped slim down my legs a bunch! Be sure to drink lots of water while you do this! =)

What exercises could you do to lose leg fat?

Well, running, doing sports, basically anything that you move your legs a lot in. BUT the cause for leg fat is too much salt. If you eat a lot of salty foods, cut that in half.

How did president Lincoln lose his leg?

President Lincoln didn't lose a leg

To lose weight in the top of your leg?

There's no such thing as spot fat removal. Eat right, lift light, and cardio.

How does a cricket loose a leg?

A cricket can lose a leg from an accident, such as escaping from a predator. They can also lose a leg from disease.

How do you work out your legs?

there are a lot of excises like squats calf raises leg extensions leg curls leg pressRun .

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