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Leprechauns are a folk tale out of Ireland. They are not real and do not come out on St. PatrickÕs Day or any other day. They are also not at the end of the rainbow.

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Leprechauns are fantasy creatures and do not exist.

Saint Patrick was a saint in Ireland, leprechauns are mythology in Ireland. That's the connects

so they can create magic Irish dust which is the main ingredient in Guiness

No. They come out in March on Leprechauns day at night.

They come out rarely at day time but sometimes at night. You can get Leprechauns to come out at day and night only on St. Patricks Day.

on saint-patrick's day

The day that St.Patrick's day come in is March 17. The colour that represents St.Patrick's day is the colour green.

Actully there is a StPatricks day on club penguin and even look by ur self

Because that was a feast day

Leprechauns are from Irish folklore.

They do not. Leprechauns are fantasy creatures

March 17th, St.Patricks Day.

Aliens, Zombies and Pedophiles.

St. Patrick's Day is the 17th of March each year.

Banshee and leprechauns are part of Irish folklore.

we celebrate st.pattys day BECUZ WE LOVE ST.patty ! *mwuah* =]

They come to your house at night.

think hey come at twelve o'clock on the night before st. Patrick's day what do you think

St. Patrick's day is a Irish holiday and leprechauns are Irish. I mean I think that's why.

There are not any people that have seen leprechauns. Leprechauns are fictional characters. Leprechauns are fictional characters that are from Ireland. Many people relate them to Saint Patrick's Day.

because Irish thought green is lucky

all around the world and in many different ways

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