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They travel quicker in air.


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water waves travel through water and light waves travel through a vacuum (in space)

Sound can't really travel through light.

Light can travel through air, water, glass, and any transparent material.

According to the light spectrum, water should travel through a more violet coloured water the fastest. The speed of light through a medium is not governed by its wavelength, so colour is not a factor.

sound and light can travel through sound air solids water liquids light wiers lightbubs extentions etc.

because water is clear so it can go through until it is to deep

yes methylated spirits goes through filter paper faster than water

Light travels slower through denser media, so it travels faster through water than through a diamond.

they travel faster. Light waves travel more QUICKLY as they enter water. ^^ whoever done this;; thanks! i really needed the answer....

Light waves and electromagnetic waves can travel through empty space. Water waves can only travel through matter. Hope this helped!

Light travels much faster than sound, through wood.

Yes. As an example, the reason you can see fish in an aquarium or the bottom of a swimming pool is because of the light passing through, or into and out of the water.

Sound can only travel through air or water, not through a vacuum, it works in stronger waves than light.

WATER! because it is more dense

light travels fastest through aire because it is less dence then water or glass, when light travels throught water it slows down

light waves travel through a matter, such as air water and others

Light waves travel fastest through vacuum, at nearly 30 million meters per second. Light travels more slowly through other substances such as air and water, and can be absorbed.

yes they travel through water

Light can travel through most liquids (like drinking water and seawater), most transparent solids (like glass and thin paper), and all vacuums.

It isn't: the speed of light is the speed of light. However, light does travel slower when passing through matter than it does when light passes through a vacuum.

Water waves require water - almost by definition, since that's what "water wave" is about - energy traveling through water.Electromagnetic waves - that includes light - are electric and magnetic waves, and those can travel through empty space as well as some other materials.

Sound travels faster than light trough water but light travels faster than sound through air.

A material through which light (or a certain color of light) won't pass through is said to be OPAQUE for light (or for that color of light). Most materials around us are opaque for visible light; only a few materials, such as air and other gases, water, and glass, are transparent, meaning they do let light through.

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