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Do lions have fur or hair?

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well its none of them they have mur . ok

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Do a lion have fur or hair?

Lions have hair

Are lions covered with hair or skin?

their skin is covered in hair of fur

Why do lions have fur or hair on their bodies?

Almost every animal have fur or hair on their bodies, it is to prevent from the cold weather.

Do lions that live in Africa have a big fur?

The big hair you are talking about is the mane and yes male lions have big hair but female lions don't.

Why do animals have fur but you have hair?

We have hair because we are mammals. Mammals are air breathing, hair on bodys, and we dont lay eggs. Except for the pladipus. our hair is fur. its just sometines longer than fur. our hair is like a lions mane. its still fur.

Do mountain lions have hair or fur?

Since "fur" is defined as "the thick coat of soft hair covering the skin of a mammal" the question is redundant - sort of like asking "do you have a car or an automobile?"

Lions have fur?

Yes, lions have fur.

What is a group of warm blooded animals with hair or fur?

The group of animals with fur or hair is the mammals.

What colour of fur do lions have?

lions have yellow brownish fur

Do lions have fur?

Lions do have fur. The fur keeps them protected and warm for the winter days.

Do lions have skin?

Yes, lions have fur covered skin.

Do lions have fur coats?

They have fur skin

Do tigers have fur or hair?

Tigers have fur.The hair grow on the furFur is skin plus hair. Well tigers actually have furI believe that tigers have fur rather than hair

Do lions have fur everywhere?

With the exceptions of the pads of their feet and their noses, yes lions have fur everywhere.

Does lions have fur around their neck?

yes lions have fur around their neck it is called a mane

Is hair the same as fur?

Fur is the hair of animals,hair is our hair.

Do sea lions have feathers scales or fur?

They have fur.

Does a bat have fur or hair?

It has fur and hair

Do deer have fur or hair?

Fur is hair.

Warm blooded animal with hair or fur?

DogsCatsTigersLionsBuffaloBasically any animal that is a MAMMAL

What color is lion's fur?

A color of a lions fur is very pale orange hex color is ffe8c1

Do the lions have fur?


Are African lions used for fur coats?

no African lions are not used for fur coats but were hunted as game in 1993

Do mice have fur or hair?

Mice have fur. no they have hair

How many fur layers does fur seal lions have?


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