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yes they will if you play with the piercings alot For the first couple of weeks after getting your lip pierced, it will rub against your teeth because it has to be long to allow for swelling. However, after you put the right size stud or ring in, it should sit comfortably against your lip and not rub. If it still does, you probably need to go down another size. If you play with it a lot, it will start to stratch the enamel off your teeth, but even then, to actually damage your teeth a lot, it would take something like 20 years before you even noticed.

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Q: Do lip piercings chip or ruin your teeth if they bang against them?
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As with any piercing, there is a risk of infection, Hepatitis, and HIV/AIDS. Hep and HIV aren't problems if your piercer autoclaves their jewelery and has a clean shop. There's also a chance that your piercer will hit a vein but that's more common with off-center or venom tongue piercings. Theres also the risk of tooth/gum erosion. That usually affects the back of your bottom teeth. If you wear metal balls or really long jewelry, you cold also chip your teeth. So, there are a lot of risks but if you're responsible, there shouldn't be a huge problem!

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