Do long distance marriages work

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I think if you love someone enough to be married to them, then distance is not a problem. If you love them enough, you will survive that distance.

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Q: Do long distance marriages work
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Do a long distance relationship work?

Long distance relationships work only if you are willing to make them work.

Does long distance relationship work in a relationship?

Trust is always the biggest concern when it comes to long distance relationships. I believe they can work.

How long should the long-distance relationship be?

As long as you make it work.

Can a long distance relationship work when your thirteen?

It does for me

Will interfaith marriages work?

Yes!!As long as you do not argue about religion it will work! When you find that special person, you found that special person! No matter what faith!

Does long distance love work?

It is harder then a traditional relationship. It can be made to work.

Can a long distance relationships survive?

Yes, of course!! Long distance is not a gauge whether a relationship will work or not. It depends on the couple themselves. Commitment is the key to a lasting relationship. When you are contented with your partner, a long distance relationship will definitely work.

Do long distance relationships between mature teenagers work?

Long distance relationships are completely based on trust. Wither your mature or not, you need to trust the person 100% for it to work.

Taurus man when in love in a long distance relationship?

being a Taurus in a long distance relationship will not work. Need attention and affection.

Will a long distance relationship work if you are an Aquarius and she is a Aries?

no, find a Gemini or Taurus. Aries are known to be unfaithful in long distance relationships

Did a eight years relationship long distance could still work?

"long distance"?! I'm a dude he's probably cheating on you

Are arranged marriages a solution to present day family instabilities and WHY?

Arranged marriages don't always work.

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