Do love spells really work?

Love spells do work when cast properly. If you are looking to cast a love spell for the first time chances are its not going to work. The more experience that you have in casting love spells the better you will get at it. Also it helps to have others assist in the casting to ensure more energy goes into the love spell.

A Pagan (wiccan) Perspective

- Love spells don't work on someone else. You can not make someone love you. More Importantly you should not try to make someone love you.

The whole idea about love is that it doesn't work without free will. To take away someone's free will and force them to love someone they are not naturally drawn to, is as bad as rape.

The good news is, that love spells do work on yourself.

- You start by getting your own house in order, that means being sure you are ready for a relationship; knowing the kind of relationship you want.

- Then you need to be ready to give and receive love.

- For the spell itself, do your research, work in the correct house and phase of the moon, have the correct ingredients, but most of all have your mind in the "right place." Once everything is in place, hold your Ritual (with or without the help of others) and then act in accordance.

- Be open to meeting new people and willing to do the "leg work." Sitting at home dreaming about the "perfect mate" will not do you any good.

- Love spells have a funny way of working out, keep your eyes, your heart and your mind open, remember, the gods/universe know what you really need, more often than not better than you know yourself.