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Black Widow Spider

One of the most feared Spiders on earth, the adult female black widow has a bite that kills, though rarely. And it�s only her bite you need to watch out for; her mate isn�t poisonous. You�ll find these spiders throughout the world and in the United States.

She has a globe-shaped, shiny black body with a red or orange hourglass-shaped mark on her abdomen and is about 2 centimeters long. Younger females are sometimes brown. Male spiders are considerably smaller than the females, with only a small reddish dot on the abdomen.

The hour-glass bright colored shaped is supposed to say watch out I'm dangerous, or get away! to warnoff ant predatores

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Q: Do male black widow spiders have an hourglass on their stomachs?
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Do male black widow spiders have the hourglass mark?


What distinguishing mark does a black widow spider have?

red hourglass and hairy stomachs

What is the name of spiders that are black with a hourglass shape on they're underside?

Black widow.

Do all black widow spiders have a red hourglass on their stomach?

Yes they do.

Are there any other spiders with a red hourglass on their belly?

A Black Widow they are poisons

Facts about black widow spiders?

Female black widow spiders are approximately 1 inch long and have an hourglass shape. Black widows get their name from the habit of females killing and consuming the male after mating.

Why is black widow spiders called a black widow spiders?

Black widow spiders are called such because the females eat the males after mating with them. Immature Black Widows have the same shape as the mature "Widow" but with dramatic color markings. An immature Widow, although much smaller that an adult, can still cause a painful and dangerous bite. As you can see, the characteristic hourglass marking is yellowish, not red, in this young female spider. After mating, the female spider takes on the sinister black with red hourglass coloration.

Do black widow spiders lose their hourglass?

yes because of the chemical reaction when it hits human skin

What does the top of a black widow spider look like?

The top is shiny black. Some have a red hourglass on the underside, some are solid black. See the Related Link for pictures of black widow spiders.

What does a poisonous spider look like?

There are a number of spiders that are venomous and have different markings and coloring. The two most dangerous of spiders is the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse spiders. The Black Widow is shiny black with a red hourglass marking on its underside. The Brown Recluse is shaped like a violin and is a dark color.

What are black spiders with white hourglass shape on back called?

The black widow is a shiny, jet-black spider with long legs and a red or orange hourglass-shaped marking on its underside. It is about an inch long, including the legs.

Are yellow black orange and red spiders poisonous?

There are only two poisonous spiders in the U.S., the black widow (who is black with a red hourglass on her underside) and the brown recluse (which, not surprisingly, is brown), the most deadly of the two.

What type of spiders can kill you?

Black widow spiders can kill you

Do black widow spiders live in Oregon?

I think so. Some say NO, they look like blackwidows but no hourglass under there body.

Are red back spiders posionous?

If its black, has a large butt and there's a red shape on its back the resembles an hourglass, then its a black widow spider and they are very poisonous

What kind of spider has a black hourglass?

the black widow.

Where do the most poison spiders live?

United States, they are called the Black widow spiders but only female black widow spiders are poisonous.

Why do Black Widow spiders live in New England?

Spiders are all relatives and when different spiders mate they get different species of spiders. that's how black widow spiders came to england.

What kind of spider is black with a white hourglass on its back?

Brown Widow Spiders. When the subject of dangerous spiders comes up, the average person usually thinks about the black widow spider. Their shiny black body with a prominent red hourglass marking on the underside of the abdomen is an image that readily comes to mind. Source:

Where is the hourglass mark on a black widow?


What does a black widow spider symbolizes?


What are two facts about a black widow?

A black widow is a deadly spider. A black widow also has a red hourglass-shaped mark on her abdomen.

Who are black widow?


How many spiders do black widow spiders have at a time?

Black widow spiders lay between 100 and 300 eggs in each egg sac at a time.

What are black Widows?

"Black Widow" is the common name of some Spiders in the genus Latrodectus. They are easily identified by the red hourglass marking on their abdomens. The black widows are highly venomous, and can be fatal to humans.

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