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Do male dogs get mean after they are fixed?

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Male Dogs Being FixedIt's typically believed they become more docile and possibly less energetic. AnswerI asked my vet this question not too long ago regarding my male German Shepherd, Luger. He can be extremely aggressive around other dogs and people that he does not know. However, I wanted a guard dog and continue to work with him on what's acceptable, what is considered a threat, etc. I also have a female German Shepherd, however, she is quite docile - although she has her moments. Anyway, back to your question. I asked my vet if Luger would get less aggressive after being fixed. Her reply was that it depends on a number of factors, including the breed, the handler, the home environment, etc. Some dogs do become more docile. The best advice is to discuss the specifics with your vet.


I have had multiple dogs in my lifetime. I have NEVER seen anything but good come from having a dog fixed. Specifically, I'm thinking of my last three dogs, an Old English sheepdog who was unaltered at 5 years of age when I got him. I immediately had him fixed. He was the best guard dog I ever had! Also, my labrador, who I had fixed at 4 months of age. He is a fantastic guard dog! I have no doubt that he would kill anyone who tried to harm me. I also have a Britney Spaniel who was a wussy, lovey dog when I got him, had him fixed, he's still a wussy, lovey dovey dog. It has more to do with the personality of the dog than anything else.

2011-09-13 01:20:03
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Male fixed do they get mean?

if you mean a dog being spayed or neutered, No they do not get mean, only people make dogs and cats mean!!

Does a male chihuahua get mean when they get fixed?

On the contrary, it generally makes male dogs less aggressive. He might be ticked off for a while, but then he'll forget.

Why do male dogs try to breed females that have been fixed?

A male dog will hump anything, not just female dogs that are able to breed. But a female dog that has been fixed still has some of the smells that attract a male dog.

Why are female dogs more protective towards male owners?

Especially if she has been fixed, and there are no male dogs in the household, the female may consider the male owner her mate.

Why do male cats and dogs get fixed?

Male cats and dogs are usually fixed, or neutered, in order to prevent unneeded pregnancies to deal with overpopulation and avoid extra animals who could be abandoned, or sent to overcrowded shelters.

Why do fixed male dogs intensely sniff fixed female dogs?

Dogs sniff each other whether they are fixed or not. It's how they get to know the other dog better. Don't worry, it's casual like waving to a friend.

How do you stop a male dog who is not fixed from sniffing at other male dogs especially when he is in heat?

There is no easy way to stop dogs from sniffing each other as this is the way dogs find out information about things. A male dog does not go into heat. Only female dogs do.

Will a male dog hump a fixed female dog?

Dogs do not view sex as humans view sex. A dog will, at times, hump anything. A lot of times, a male dog will actually hump other male dogs and that is due to a fight for dominance. So yes, a male dog will hump a fixed female.

Do fixed adult female dogs still go into heat?

No. However male dogs can still show interest in them even if they are spayed.

Is dog male or female?

If you mean, Can dogs be male or female? Then the answer is yes. They can be both.

Can a male dog who is fixed still show is penis?

Yes, they cut the dogs balls off... not his penis.

Do female dogs still have periods if they are fixed?

If by 'fixed' you mean spayed then no. Once a dog has had a castration they no longer have their period.

Do dogs have penises?

Male dogs do, like other mammals in the animal kingdom. If a dog has been fixed, it means his testicles have been removed, but not his penis.

Why are male huskys mean to other male dogs?

because they havent had the willie chopped of

How may stray dogs are in the US?

Do you mean male or female dogs ? If your question is about male dogs I don't know, but if you meant female dogs(also known as bitch) I don't know it also.

Do female dogs get along better with female dogs or male dogs better?

female dogs get along better with male dogs Male dogs.

What do you call a male adult horse?

A stallion un fixed male. Gelding fixed male horse.

What is male dogs name?

female dogs are 'bitches', male dogs are just 'dogs'

Are fixed female cats attracted to male cats which are not fixed?

If your female cat is fixed aund another male cat is not fixed your female cat should not be attracted to the male cat but the male cat could be attracted to your female cat. ;)

Do fixed female dogs hump?

yes fixed female dogs hump. it is a sign of dominance

My wife is afraid our male chihuahua will hurt our female chihuahua she is not fixed and 12 years old he is 6 years old and fixed?

Some female dogs get Pyometra, a disease of the uterus. It will make their organs fill with pus and they will rupture. Get her fixed. Also, your male dog is fixed, so it should be fine, if you notice a lot of humping, separate them if necessary.

What does it mean to say that becomes fixed?

It means that someone cannot give sperms (boys) or have children (girls) as for dogs like in Marley and me they had him fixed or nudered and for giril dogs they will be spayed wich is like nuder but is for a girl.

What happens when dogs get fixed?

When dogs get fixed they cant mate or have babys.They take out they vital parts for doing that.

Do male cats pee like male dogs?

no they do not pee like male dogs

Why is your younger male dog biting the back of your older female dogs neck when both are fixed?

it is to show dominance over the other dog.