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No. It just happens

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What is the opposite of push hard?

The opposite of "Push hard" or a hard push is an easy or light push.

Can you push sperm out?

It depends on what youi are attempting to push it out of.

Do males who wear tight pants tend to be less fertile than males who wear lose clothing?

If the pants are tight in the crotch area, then yes. The sperm in your scrotum survive at a temperature a couple degrees lower than your body temperature. This is why your sperm is stored away from your body. So tight pants and "whitie tightie" underwear push your scrotum against your body and raises the temperature of your sperm. This kills your sperm and gives you a lower sperm count.

Can a girl get pregnant if the girl is wearing a thong and pants on and he ejaculates on her lower stomach and crotch area?

only when you push hard then release the sperm.

What muscle push hard against the wall?

muscle that push hard to wall

Should insulin inject in intramuscular?

Actually, you inject it into the beautiful abdominal fat. It's so much fun! You pinch some fat near your stomach and put in the needle, then you push the BUTTON.

Can you hurt baby if you push on stomache?

Depends on how hard you push.

How do you fart hard?


Why is that my 1986 corvette when you are in gear and moving the gas peddle is hard to push when not in gear at idle not hard to push at all.?

== ==

What do you push to get a hard return?

On your computer, you will push the Enter key to get a hard return. This will put the cursor on a new line.

Does the sperm cell have hair on it to help it push things along?

yes...... or no ..... : (

Can a push in the chest cause a heart attack?

it depends how hard you push

Why would a cart start moving faster if you give it a hard push than if you gave it a sorft push?

If you push a car hard it'll go faster and if you push a car softer it will go slower

Why do girls do girly push ups?

Well, girls have a different body type than males, and they might not have as developed muscles as the males that you are comparing them to.

Is there a way to push out sperm once it has entered the body?

put your hand in there and scoop it out

State one function of the prostate gland?

It contracts to push sperm out on ejaculation

How do you inject a syringe?

You find a vain and stick the syringe in your vain. When you pull back and blood goes in it then you are ready. Just push the pluncher in.

Can you push outside sperm into the body to get pregnant?

Yes, definately. In some cases, when a couple wants a child, the male cannot ejaculate sperm. As such, there are donors of sperm. The sperm is just put in the female reproductive organ and the female falls pregnant

What is hard to push but easy to pull?

A rope.

How do the dolphins push out their babies?

By pushing as hard as they can

Can girls push sperm out of there vagina?

yes, but don't count on this to stop pregnancy or anything.

When i push poop out of my butt my penis releases sperm out?

That is a statement why do you have a question mark at the end?

A push or pull on an object is?

"Force" is the push or pull acting on an object... not that hard people. :D

Can you get pregnant if sperm is washed off immediately?

Yes, because there is no way to wash it out. You just push it further up and the only thing coming out is the semen not the sperm.

What are examples of hard copy and soft copy?

soft copy can provide the meaning of hard copy and telling to push on and push off like something its doesnt have to.