Do manatees sleep?

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Yes manatees sleep!


To rest, manatees stay submerged for up to 20 minutes at a time.

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Q: Do manatees sleep?
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Where do manatees sleep?

Manatees sleep at the bottom of the ocean floor for a few hours.

Do manatees sleep upside down?

no thay sleep on there belly

How do manatees sleep?

Upside down to help food digest

How long do manatees sleep?

A few minutes because they need to go up to the th surface to breath

Do manatees sleep with their eyes open or closed?

Manatees have a nictitating membrane (like an alligator has) which protects its eyes. Manatees will close their eyes when sleeping. They hover or lay on the bottom and when they need a breath they will rise to the surface, take a breath and then settle back down to the bottom without ever waking up.

Why are manatees extinct?

manatees are not extinct but they are endangered.Manatees aren't extinct...

What do manatees drink?

what does manatees drink

Is the manatees endangered?

manatees are in danger

do manatees have hair?

yes they do!

Are manatees composers?

Manatees are consumers.

Are manatees herbivore?

manatees are herbivores

How are manatees made?

Manatees are made from God

What is the manatees habitat?

manatees habitats are in the swamps.

Who is afraid of manatees?

no one. manatees are docile.

Do manatees exist?

yes manatees do exist

Are manatees ever carnivores?

Manatees are herbivores.

Why did manatees become extinct?

Manatees are not extinct

Are manatees fish?

No. Manatees are not fish. Manatees are in fact mammals. Also known as sea cows.

Can Manatees go on land?

No, Manatees are strictly aquatic animals. No, Manatees are strictly aquatic animals.

Do people enjoy manatees?

yes i think people enjoy manatees yes i think people enjoy manatees

What are manatees prey?

Manatees eat aquatic vegetation.

A manatees habitat?

manatees live in shallow waters

Are manatees solitary animals?

Yes manatees are solitary.

Manatees have babies where?

manatees have babies on the saltwater river

How are manatees important?

Manatees clean the sea by eating sea grass. If there are no manatees the sea would be overgrown and it will be dirty.