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  • The statistics are very low. When one of the two or both cheat on their spouses they are excited at the time, but once the mates find out and all is out in the open it becomes a different story for the cheaters involved. They can't go back (in most cases) to their wife as they have burned their bridges. Then they have time to really think things out and each one will be suspicious of the other of cheating at sometime in their relationship. Their attitude, "If they have cheated on their spouse, then they can grow weary of me and cheat again.
  • If you are the mistress in this situation, then you have to think about this: if he was able to cheat on his wife, with whom he once loved and married in front of his family and friends, and now claims he loves you, do you think its Really possible that he won't cheat on you? The term here is profound newness. You (presently) are new. You are exciting and fun and thrilling. His wife is boring, always at home, nagging him. Once you become the wife, you will at one point nag him, and have a headache at night, and he will want something new. I would say that the chances are very very very slim that he won't cheat on you. Don't kid yourself. Your doubt has already prompted you to ask online.
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Q: Do married men ever leave their wives to marry their mistresses with everything working out happily in the end?
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