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Everyone plays mind games to some extent either to get the sort of attention they want or to make a particular impression yes men do whether they love or hate why they do this? probably just to see how much you love or hate him

2009-04-29 15:39:11
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Why do men play mind games and head games with women they love or hate?

It's fun, and it shows we are trying to be playful, or for people we hate, just to screw with them.

Do women love or hate pre-ejaculte fluids of men?

They love it!

Why do men play head games with women?

Because they love each other or someone is trying to hit on that special person

Do men hate women with cats?

some do some dont..but i actually love cats

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You just trick somebody by saying you love them then turn around when their not looking and shake your head.

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a better question is, do they like women who love children and want kids...

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Well when you love them but because of that you hate them. You hate them because you love them.

Is it possible to love to hate if you hate to love?


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love is hate hate is love but whatever it is, it comes from above.

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i think love is more powerful.oh and if you ever think do i love him or hate him just remember this: you hate him but then you love him more than you hate him. hope this info helps.

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hate becuasebecause you can love anyone or anything... you could love yer shoes. you could love yer mom you could love you dog. but hate takes alot more. you have to have a good reason and hate you think about it more then love. love you can love anything hate takes some thought

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You play this by saying that you love words without the letter "T" and hate words with "T". For instance, I love clocks, but I hate time. I love soccer but hate football. I love buses but hate busts. The actual name of the game is "I love coffee, but I hate T". But when said aloud, it sounds identical to "I love coffee, but I hate tea," which is the source of the game's difficulty.

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I think most people just hate Bristol Palin and it doesn't have anything to do with her weight.

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