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Of course. I still do.

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βˆ™ 2012-07-06 21:00:15
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Q: Do men still wear union suit underwear?
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Can you wear a swim suit as underwear?

yes, if your aboy

What type of clothing is a union suit?

A union suit is a type of under clothing. This is a one piece underwear outfit to wear as nightwear or under clothing in the winter. These are known as footy-style pajamas but without the feet.

What is best to wear under a clean suit?

clean underwear.

Should you wear underwear with your bathing suit?

If trying a bathing suit on, definitely yes. Otherwise it depends on the suit and your level of modesty. Most men's suits have a mesh "undergarment" and women's suits are designed to wear without underwear.

What does a matador wear under his suit of lights?

He wears normal underwear, some may wear an athletic supporter.

Do nascar drivers wear anything under there suit?

They only wear their underwear under their suits, it's a jumpsuit

How do you hid a birthmark on your but if I'm a girl and wearing a bathing suit?

Wear underwear!! :D

Are you protected from germs if you wear underwear while trying on a swim suit?

While regular underwear isn't a 100% safe, effective barrier against germs, it does definitely provide protection. One should never try on a bathing suit without their underwear on, and should never wear a new swim suit before washing it.

If a guy wears Boxers does he still need to wear underwear?

Uhh...boxers are underwear...

Do women wear underwear under tights?

Some women wear underwear under tights and some do not. Tights are made to be worn without underwear, but many people do still wear them.

What to wear to a red carpet event?

Jeans Bikini Birthday Suit Shorts Underwear Sweats sneakers

Does Amanda Bynes wear underwear?

No she does not wear underwear!

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