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yes, there is a coating in the lamp, which contain Mercury

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Q: Do mercury lamps contain mercury
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Do compact fluorescent lamps contain mercury?


Why are fluorescent lamps classified as hazardous waste?

Fluorescent lamps or light bulbs contain various amounts of mercury in them. When they are thrown away they are eventually broken and the mercury can leak out. That makes them hazardous to people, animals, and the environment.

Do lava lamps have mercury?


What do electric lamps contain?


What element is used in fluorescent lamps?

A small amount of mercury is used in fluorescent lamps.

When will be the Mercury lamps will be stopped in market?

If you are referring to fluorescent and CFL lamps, it can never be totally eliminated. These are mercury vapor arc lamps using a phosphor to turn the UV to visible light. They have reduced the mercury dramatically, but it can't be totally eliminated. If all fluorescent and CFL lamps were banned and lighting was all converted to LED then use of mercury could be stopped. However most LED lamps cost at least ten times what CFL lamps cost.

How is fluorescent light good for the environment?

While fluorescent lamps may lower your electricity bill, they're not really 'good for the environment', as they require more energy and resources to manufacture compared with incandescent lamps, and they contain mercury.

Which gases are used in street lamps?

Sodium and mercury are used in the majority of street lamps today.

Do some clocks contain mercury?

Clocks that has a pendulum may contain mercury.

Is there mercury in vaporizers?

Vaporizers do not contain mercury.

What do you do with mercury?

Mercury is commonly used in thermometers, barometers, vapor lamps, and batteries and in the preparation of chemical pesticides.

Do canned oysters contain mercury?

All oysters can contain mercury. They are one of the many shellfish that has the highest levels of mercury in it.

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