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Do mice bite?

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mice bite only occasionally like when you squeeze them or frighten them. As soon as i got my first mouse i was really excited and so i wanted to play with it. (not a good idea) he bit me because i picked him up wrong and frightened him. they dont generally bite and the bite only bled a little bit and it was tiny.

CrapBox: They can also give really nasty scratches if your pick them up and they don't want to be, you have to be careful not to stick your fingers through the cage, not to have food on your hands when trying to pick up the mouse, and not to squeeze them or touch them where they squeal (EG: Some don't like there tummy being petted they will sequel and nip you, it's cute thought, but hurts) :)

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Do raccoons bite mice in half?

No they bite into thirds

What does seldom bite mean with mice?

Seldom bite means rarely bite.

Does field mice bite?


Do wild mice bite?


Which bite harder mice or rats?

RATS!!!!They are much MUCH bigger than mice.Rats can grow about up to the size of a $1 bill or larger!Mice can grow about up to a half dollar coin or larger.Rats teeth are bigger and sharper.When they bite,it is very painful,bleeds,and can get enfected if not treated properly.But with mice,it will hurt when they bite,but mice have small,dull teeth.It might bleed if bitten hard enough.The only way mice or rats will bite you,is when you sqeeze them,pinch their tail,bite them,blow in their ear,flip them over and tickle them,and more. Mice and Mice and Mice,ADVICE!

Do mice bite humans?

"I believe so I have had mice for years, and have not ever been bitten by pet mice, they sometimes nibble but that's not really biting. Wild mice bite out of fear." That is a little off, wild mice DO bite out of fear. They can (VERY slowly) chew through metal. And what is harder? Skin or Metal. That solves the question. But usually there are some Nappy mice, because mice and like humans and have emotions and personalities. Some WILL be nappy and bite. If they don't, you're lucky.

Do baby mice bite?

No they do not bite They are only babies, so they don't know how to bite. When they get a little older they do.

Do mice bite you in your sleep?

If you have done the right thing and put them in a mice cage, then how would they have to opportunity to bite you? But if you do happen to leave it out of a cage, then it will not bite you.. unless you are mean to it or don't feed it enough.

Will pet mice bite?

yes most of them do.

Do mice bite people?

When they have RAGE VIRUS they do.

Could mice bite through aluminum tray?

they can bite through the aluminum tray

Do female fancy mice bite?

It depends if they were handled when they were babies. Fancy mice rarely do bite though. With constant handling and training the will become very attached to you.

Do grown mice bite?

Yes, if they feel threatened.

What are mice defenses?

They will bite. And even give you an infection.

What do the mice try to do for aslan?

If you look closely, the mice try to bite off Aslan's ropes. In which they do succeed!

Do field mice bite humans?

Yes, They will bite. Some may carry Rabies or other diseases.

How do you teach mice not to bite?

Generally, mice don't really bite unless you injure (holding them tightly for example) them or scare them pretty badly (Holding them in a closed hand can do this...just let them walk freely on your open hand) . If you're having a problem, try washing your hands before handling. them. You may have the smell of something tasty on your hands, and they're just hungry. Aside from that, biting really isn't a problem you should be having with mice. uh actually mice bite if u stick your finger in there cage and mice do bite i have heaps of my own and some bite did you no that mice only live for 3 yrs at the max so look after your pet and another reason mice bite is if they have young babys and young baby mice are called pinkeys.My mouse cupcake used to bitre when she was due to have babys biting is usely caused by stress and bing aressive towards your mouse

Does a fancy mouse bite?

ALL animals can, and even will, bite for many reasons. Fancy mice, house mice, wild mice, Asian mice, it doesn't matter... Mouse, dog, snake, elephant, giraffe, whale, porpoise, ALL ANIMALS BITE. THAT SAID: WEANLING MICE might bite, looking for a nipple, and if the piece of skin on your hand fits into their mouth, they will bite out of curiosity, to see if milk will flow, & ease their hunger. MOTHER MICE WILL give you a warning nip, (I've received many) if you get too close to their babies or another mouse's babies. This is because mice are very social creatures. They will adopt the babies of other mother mice, they will nurse another litter of mouse pups if the mom dies. You can even wet nurse mice to rats, who have a richer milk. Female mice have 10 nipples, & larger size litters as a result. So, all sorts of mice bite, for all sorts of reasons. Male & female mice bite each other when they fight. I've seen both male, & female, mice bite, & hang on (to the point of being dragged) grab hold of a male mouse's testicals, but I don't know why. There is at least 1 reading that shows male mice have no nipples, but I want to test that by doing more research before vouching completely for that because, as you know, nipples, except for marine mammals & Disney cartoon males.

Why do mice bit themself?

they bite themselvs because they hae an itchy spoy and they try to bite the flea it usually gets the flea out

What is the treatment for a mice bite?

stand on chair and squeal until help arrives.

How do animals catch mice?

They catch it by the tail, or sometimes bite its body, whole.

What is better for a pet a mouse or a hamster also Which can be trained and does not bite?

They both can be trained and mice usually bite a more often than hamsters do.

Are hamsters better than mice?

mice are WAY cooler if you bye them from petco they ant bite they crawl al around your ody its just cool.

What word mean to bite and eat small pieces of something as mice do to cheese?


How do mice defend themselves?

Mice use their teeth and claws to defend themselves. However it it rare for them to just attack you, however if you pick them up they are most likely to bite or scratch you. It would be strange for them to run up and bite you. "They are more scared of you then you are of them"