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Do mice bite?

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2011-01-30 16:38:50

mice bite only occasionally like when you squeeze them or

frighten them. As soon as i got my first mouse i was really excited

and so i wanted to play with it. (not a good idea) he bit me

because i picked him up wrong and frightened him. they dont

generally bite and the bite only bled a little bit and it was


CrapBox: They can also give really nasty scratches if your pick

them up and they don't want to be, you have to be careful not to

stick your fingers through the cage, not to have food on your hands

when trying to pick up the mouse, and not to squeeze them or touch

them where they squeal (EG: Some don't like there tummy being

petted they will sequel and nip you, it's cute thought, but hurts)


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