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Do mice climb up walls?

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You're not going to like my answer,but here it is. Mice are very,very light in weight,and are voracious eaters,and as we've seen go to the bathroom anywhere & everywhere. Mice step in their own fecies and urine,which is extreemly sticky,and for a short period are able to go up or down verticle surfaces,then the mouse eats anouther spider,bug or corn flake,relieves him[or her]self,steps in it & the process begins anew.

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Do mice climb walls?

Yes mice can climb walls!

Can a mice climb walls?

Yes mice can climb wals.

Do mice climb up concrete walls?

They can if they really wanted to.

Can mice climb up stairs?

Yes, mice can climb up stairs.

Can mice climb smooth walls?

NO... unless you've discovered a super-rat. However, they make holes where the floor and wall meet and climb up the inside of your walls. Lovely, aren't they?

Can skunks climb walls?

No, skunks can not climb on walls. They do not have the feet to climb on walls. Lizards are one animal that can crawl up a wall.

Can mice climb up metal?


How do rats and mice climb up walls?

They run really fast to defy gravity. They were all taught in the art of Senior Speedy Gonzales.

Do mice climb up bed sheets?

YES. Mice are very nimble, they can climb up many things you would not think they could.

Can mice climb up glass?

No, mice cannot climb up glass. Glass has no surface for the mouse's claws to grab onto while trying to climb. Therefore, they will slip.

Can a mouse climb walls?

Mice only climb walls if there is something to grip onto. They can't climb on walls in a house, unless the paint has some sort of grip to it. They can't climb glass, either. But when I got a mouse, there was a thin-grated air vent in the cage, and she hung onto that. =3

Do blue tongue lizards climb walls?

Yes, they can climb very well. Probably up walls... But they can defenitely climb! Hope this helped! ( :

Can mice climb up a brick wall?

Yes, they can climb just about anything.

Can mice walk up walls?

no they cannot

Do frogs climb?

Yes. In Fiji they climb up the resort walls. aND TREE FROGS CLIMB IN THE RAINFOREST

What can mice climb up?

everything as long as its at an angle!! lol

Can Mice Climb Up Wood?

Yes mine dose

How do you climb the walls in diamond?

u use rockclimb to climb walls

Can mice climb stairs?

Yes, mice CAN climb stairs. They are quite amazing at it too.

Can mice climb couches?

Yup - mice can climb anything they can grip onto with their claws.

Can mice climb to air bed?

yes if you put something to help the mice to climb :))

Can mice climb up down pipes which are conected to the gutters?


Do mice climb up trees?

Possible but more likely to be rats

How do insects climb up walls?

Insects that have the ability to climb walls have fine hairs that help them stick to the surface they are climbing. Other insects have glands that secrete liquid on their feet that allow them to climb.

Can cocroaches climb walls?

Yes, cockroaches can climb walls. Some species can even climb glass.