Soybeans and Tofu

Do mice eat soybeans?

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People who eat soybeans obviously

No. Caribou do not eat mice.

no, mice do not eat weasels

Mice can eat croutons.

As no surprise, mice eat carnations. Mice eat pretty much anything that can be chewed on.

i am pretty sure that they do eat mice because they are field mice and field mice eat grain and if the grass grows maybe corn crops then the field mice would eat it !!

No, they do not eat mice. They eat insects, seeds, and berries.

Yes, mice do eat bananas.

Yes, mice can eat chips.

no mice don't eat flies

Mice are known to eat insects.

yes snakes do eat mice

mice and rats eat cheese

Owls love to eat mice.

Yes mice eat wheat!

Yes . And chickens will eat mice .

Yes, field mice do eat grasshoppers. The mice will also eat the larvae of the grasshoppers. Field mice also eat certain plants and fruits.

YES they can!! My horse is on a diet of soybeans and sweet feed (more soybeans than sweet feed). Soybeans act as a filler and are packed with protein. They fill your horse out beautifully.

they usually eat rodents such as mice they usually eat rodents such as mice they usually eat rodents such as mice Maybe dolophins eat rodents but dolphins eat fish

yes, mice eat meat. they are omnvores

they eat the same as regular mice

Yes mice eat caterpillars Cj7744

Yes, Cats Eat Mice. They Find them.

Mice have been known to eat insects.

Mice will usually eat blackberries, if they are offered.

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