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Mice are known for eating their young when sick, stressed, or there are too many mice in a cage. If you bother the mother mouse too much she might eat all her babies. When the babies are sick the mother tens to leave it alone to die or kill it. When you have more mice in the cage that will have or has a litter then over crowding is at hand. The mother will also eat the babies if she feels that there is no more space.

On rare occasions when having 3 mother mice in a cage and 1 has a litter and the other not, could also lead to eating the babies out of jealousy.

I am a breeder and have had 2 females out of 40 in the past 4 months eat the babies. That was do to stress.

Try not to vacuum too close to the cages when you have babies. I have had that happen. Mothers eat the babies and the 3 week old will go nuts. I have had a few that died because of the high pitch noise.


Mice will kill and/or allow to die any young that they feel are sick.. If bodies are not removed the mother will eat them in order to keep nest area clean... Kechara saying that some people mistake the mother mouse eating the placenta for eating young this isn't always the case, but they do tend to eat very ill young

Adding on its same with hamsters, rats any other rodent

They definitely will eat perfectly healthy litters sometimes. I have a female right now who has eaten her last two litters, the last one last night. I'm hoping she'll get over it now that she's older since these were her first 2 litters but I think I'm probably going to have to dispose of her and get a new female if I want babies. They don't get over it a lot of times, they keep on eating the babies from then on once they start.

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Q: Do mice eat their young
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