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Do milkweed leaves have sap?

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Milkweed when cut or torn will exude a thick white sap.

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What is the significance of the title of milkweed?

Milkweed is named after the milky sap you can get from the leaves. This was a cure for warts.

Does milkweed affect allergies?

Milkweed pollen is not much of a problem but some people have a contact allergy to the leaves and sap.

Is milkweed contagious?

Some people are sensitive to the leaves and sap but the plant is not contagious.

What is milkweed made of?

Milkweed has a milky white rubbery sap.

Can dogs be allergic to milkweed?

Some dogs have sensitive skin and may be bothered by milkweed sap.

What does milkweed look like?

Common milkweed gets about 4 feet tall. It has pinkish purple clusters of flowers that smell very sweet. If you break the plant stem or leaf, it has a milky white sap. The leaves are oval and flat. They usually have red and black milkweed beetles on them.

Is the common milkweed allelopathic?

Yes. The sap in milkweed is eaten by monarch caterpillars and since it is toxic, most birds do not eat monarchs.

What backyard leaves do monarchs eat?

they eat the leaves of a milkweed plant

What kind of caterpillar eats milkweed leaves?

Monarch is one type. Milkweed tussock is another.

When do monarchs lay their eggs?

on milkweed leaves

Why are there holes in your milkweed leaves?

Milkweed is famous for being a virtual cafeteria for a large number of insects to feast upon. Perhaps the most beautiful and well-known is the monarch caterpillar, which becomes the monarch butterfly. The monarch caterpillar chews along the edges of leaves. Aphids are also found on milkweed, and tend to feed in large groups on the leaves and stems. The blue milkweed beetle feeds on milkweed and can be responsible for holes in leaves. The four-eyed milkweed beetle is another beetle that eats milkweed and can cause holes. This beetle is red with black spots. Finally, herbicides can cause damage to leaves of milkweed. To take a positive view, holes can be a positive sign that the milkweed is supporting a wide range of insects and butterflies who are dependant on this food source.

Is milkweed toxic to touch?

Some people are sensitive to the sap. But wear gloves and you will be fine.

Are there maple leaves is maple syrup?

The leaves are not in it but the sap is.

What do you feed grasshoppers?

Grasses, leaves. I suggest milkweed.

What plant has broad leaves that repel water?

The milkweed

Why is there sap on the leaves of the linden tree?

What causes the sap on a Linden tree? and what can I do?

Do Monarch Butterflies live in Swan Plants?

The monarch butterfly must lay their eggs on milkweed plants (Asclepias ), and the swan plant is listed on wikipedia as a type of milkweed. Most plants in the milkweed family produce flowers which the monarch can feed on. The caterpillars of the monarch butterfly can only eat leaves from plants in the milkweed family and will die without this food source. The milkweed plant is known for it's white milky sap, which contains alkaloids, latex, and several other complex compounds including cardenolides. Some species are known to be toxic. The caterpillars are immune to the milkweed sap and actually make themselves poisonous by eating it. The butterfly retains the milkweed poison as a defense against predators. Both the monarch caterpillars and the monarch butterflies use bright color patterns as a warning that they are dangerous to eat.

What keeps leaves alive?

Leaves are kept alive by the sap from the tree.

Monarch butterfly lays its eggs where?

They lay there eggs on milkweed leaves.

What does a butterfly like to eat?

Monarch Butterflies eat the milkweed leaves

Why do butterflies only lay eggs on milkweed leaves?

cause that's what they do

Where do milkweed bugs live?

Milkweed bugs live in trees near the leaves of the tree and that is where they lay their tiny yellow eggs that are in clusters.

How does milkweed survive in the grasslands?

Most species of milkweed have three defenses: cardenolide (a heart arresting toxin) latex secretions, and hairs on the leaves.

What is that weird orange stuff on the leaves?

it is sap

What plant had dark fuzzy leaves that absorb and store heat from the sun?