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Do misdemenors show up in other states?

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It depends on the state, but generally no. Misdemeanors are simple and harmless enough to not have to show up on your record. Felonies and such things should be the only thing on your record. Example: if you go to California, and get pulled over, the only thing that will probably show up on your record is whether you've been charged with a felony or something of that nature.

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Do misdemeanor warrants show up in other states?

Yes. If you were to get pulled over and they run your license, it will show up. You can't get a new license until the old warrants from the other state are taken care of.

Will out of state moving violations appear on your driving record?

In almost all cases they will show up. States share the data with other states and insurance companies.

What happens if a landlord takes a tenant to court and the tenant does not show up?

The landlord will win by a default judgment. In some states, such as California, you must still present your case to the judge even though the tenant did not show up. In other states, such as Nevada, if the tenant does not show up you are awarded a default judgment and do not speak with the judge at all.

Do charges from other states show up on background checks?

Yes, if the background check taps the FBI fingerprint database. Often, local agencies only report in-state charges, which is why they will ask if you have lived in other states.

If your on parole in California and catch a case in another state will your po know?

Yes, arrests in other states show up in NLETS database.

What happens if the mother is the one who ordered a paternity test and then she doesn't even show up for court?

That depends on the law in your state of residence. Some states require that both the parent requesting the test and the person to be tested show up in court. Other states' laws have no such requirement, only that the person who was summoned to court for that purpose show up. Consult an attorney or the family court in your county of residence for specifics.

Does smoking blaze show up in drug test?

not in the United States

What is a typical sentence for a person under 21 in possession of alcohol?

Underage Posession of Alchohol, in most states, is NOT a crime. it is more commonly a violation. only Misdemenors and felonies are crimes. so the UPA charge would probably end up with a fine or maybe some community service or even dismissal.

Does 2 ci show up in a drug test?

no it doesnt show up on a urine screen because its not even considered a drug in the united states. its completely unknown to united states law enforcement agencies.

Can you be dismissed for any detection of alcohol?

In most states you can be dismissed for any or no reason at all. Most US states are "At Will" states, meaning your employer can dismiss you because they came to work hungover.Your safest bet is to show up, show up sober, and show up ready to work.Oh, and keep in mind, you have to work to live, but you do not have to live to work at any one place.

What other drugs show up as amphetamines?


Does kush herbal incense show up on a drug test?

It shouldn't show up if it states on the package that it is legal in all 50 states. My fiance and I smoked some 7H potpourri, the 4:20 blend earlier today, and it was just as good as the real deal, only it is not supposed to show up on drug tests.

Do MA warrants show up in NH?

If MA enters the warrant into the Interstate Criminal Database (NCIC), yes, it will show up in all states, including NH.

Will tobaco show up on drug test?

Tobacco will not show up unless you infuse it with other things, poppy seeds, or heroin.

Why doesn't raikou show up on my pokegear?

If you put it to sleep I doesn't show up or if you killed it I am not sure if any other status problems make it not show up but that's probably your problem

How can chlamydia show up in lab work but not in pap?

Chlamydia shows up in a chlamydia test. It doesn't show up in pap smears or other lab work. These other tests are not meant to find chlamydia.

Do warrants in the US show up in other countries?

Sometimes they do.

Does Valium show up as other drugs on urine tests?

shows up as a benzo

Did George Lopez make up his own show?

He created the comedy show "George Lopez" with a few other people. So, yes he did make up his own show.

If a person moves to the States from another country will bad credit show up in the other country?

No. Credit reports do not transfer across international lines. This includes Canada to US as well.

Does alcohol show up in a hair drug test?

Alcohol can show up in a hair drug test. Many other drugs including prescription drugs as well as illegal drugs can also show up.

Why did states without western land claims want the other states to give up their claims?


How can illegals get a drivers license?

Certain states do not check for citizenship, only residency. New Mexico is one of those states. To obtain the lisence you show up at the DMV/MVD/Whatever it's called and show them proof of residency in the state and competency as a driver and you will receive a lisence; however, other states do require proof of citizenship. In other words, Illegals can acquire a drivers license due to a lack of rigor by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Would cancer show up abnormal in bloodwork?

Some forms of cancer show up in bloodwork, others do not. A biopsy or some other test is necessary if there is a possibility of cancer within the person and it does not show up in bloodwork.

Is it possible for other medications to show up as marijuana on a drug screen?