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* There is no diffence, all dogs live about 15-20 years!!

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Do mix breed dogs have longer life expectancies than pure breeds?

Yes cross breeds live longer than pure breeds.

Are mixed breed dogs smarter than pure breed dogs?

No, not necessarily true, but mixed breed dogs do live longer than pure bred dogs

Which breed of dogs is apt to live the longest?

Smaller breeds tend to live longer than bigger ones

Do mixed breeds live longer than purebreds?

no but they do not live shorter either. However they will have mainly the good points of the breed but if you get a mix of 2 active breeds it will need exercise

How old do Afghan Hounds live up to?

Ten to fifteen years. Smaller dogs live longer than larger breeds.

How long can dachshund live?

Dachshunds, like most small breed dogs, can live 15 plus years with proper care. Small breeds tend to live longer than large breeds.

What is the life expectancy of an Irish dog?

Smaller dogs generally live longer than larger breeds. Mixed breeds tend to have less health problems. Miniature poodles can live into their late teens while very large breeds like great danes generally don't live longer than 9 or 10. You can probably expect a mix breed dog that is not too huge or tiny, to live till around the age of 12 if it is kept healthy.

What are the healthiest dogs?

Cross breeds (mixed breeds)crossed dogs live longer healtheir lives then purbred but only by a few years maybe even months so pures are fine too.But crosses still need the nomal vaccines and EVERY THING else others do so it doesnt really matter

Do little dogs live longer then big dogs?

just becauuse dogs are little dosent mean they can live longer where i live the dog over the road is quite big and has longer to live than my dog,my dog is small, this obviously dosent mean your wrong but does prove a point thank you for asking this question.Another answer:On average, yes...small breeds have longer life expectancies than large breed dogs.

What is the total lifespan of a red nose pit bull?

It's the same as a normal Pit Bull 12 - 14 years. However, like even humans these dogs can live longer (they have tenacity) and may be lucky to have a great gene pool mixed with a lot of love from the owner and family and live longer. I've had dogs of all breeds live to be 17 - approx. 20 years old.

What dogs are mongrel dogs?

These are mixed breed dogs with generally no known heritage or pedigree. This is a derogatory term usually reserved for stray or feral dogs that live wild without owners; non-pedigree dogs that are a cross of two or more breeds but are owned are generally referred to as "mutts" or "mixed breed" dogs.

What are dogs that live in the wild called?

Dogs that live in the wild are called 'wild dogs', simply 'dogs', or called by their species like 'wolf','coyote'. Common breeds without owners are called stray dogs. Mixed breeds of unknown lineage are called 'muts'. A domesticated dog that has lived with humans and later for whatever reason lives in the wild is called a 'feral dog'.Rouge "Dagos" live in Australia. Hyenas live in Africa.

Do mix breeds live longer I have a shepherd chow mix who is 15 and wonder if her lifespan will be longer than a pure bred dog?

Purebred dogs are descended from a limited amount of dogs, meaning that they eventually become very inbred. All purebred dogs are genetically predisposed to certain health issues, such as how cocker spaniels are very prone to getting cataracts. With mixed breeds, the gene pool is diverse; the recessive genes carrying health problems are buried.

Do big dogs live longer than smaller dogs?

Generally, small dogs live longer than big dogs.

How many years can a mixed dog live?

There are several different things that play a role in the number of years a dog lives. One is the size of the dog, normally the bigger the dog the shorter the years. Second is the health of a dog so vets make a big difference. Some breeds of dogs do live longer than others, but some new studies show that some cross breeds live longer because they have fewer genetic problems.

How long does dogs usually live?

It depends on the dog's breed, or size. Toy sized dogs can live 14 year (or longer), while the largest breeds may only live 5 or 6 years. The average life span most dogs live is 10-13 years.

Do mixed breeds live longer?

No. A more important factor on life span is usually the size of the dog. The larger the dog, the longer the lifespan, of course there isn't a drastic difference, it is very slight.

Which lives longer a cat or a dog?

Generally speaking, a cat will live longer, but not by much. It does depend on the breed of dog, of course; larger dogs live longer than smaller ones, and some breeds of dogs are overbred to the point that they die early from congenital illnesses. Some cat breeds are equally overbred and susceptible to diseases, and cats allowed into the outdoors often fall prey to larger predators.

Which kind of dog can live longer?

Usually, smaller dogs live longer than bigger dogs.

How long will your dog?

AnswerIt depends on what kind of dog you have. Small dog breeds tend to live longer than large dogs. Usually for large dogs, they live for 7 - 10 years. Some small dogs can live to 13 years. But they its possible any size can live to 15 years or more.

How long does a mixed breed dog live?

It lives just as long as other dogs, it just depends on its size. If it is small it will live longer than if its big.

Why does mixed breed dogs live longer than pure breed dogs?

That's a stereotype. Pure bred dogs might have a condition or a short life- span while the mixed breed might be a mix of a long life-spanned dog and another dog.

How long do mixed breed dogs live?

The life span of cross or mixed breeds depends largely on several factors including the breed of the parents, the traits inherited from the parents (offspring may inherit harmful traits from a particular parent breed instead of its desirable traits. ie: hip dysplasia if the parent dog is a purebred German Shepherd) , its general size, and external factors including lifestyle, diet, diseases, and health/oral care. The longevity of mixed breeds generally exceeds those of pedigree heritage because they don't suffer from the genetic health complications associated with interbreeding between identical/similar dog breeds. Smaller sized dogs usually live longer because there is less physical stress on their bodies than larger sized dogs, with an average of 13-16 years. Medium sized dogs live, on average, between 12-15 years, and larger dogs live between 6-11 years. Again, these are averages. There are always exceptions to the rule depending on the aforementioned factors. Some dogs may exceed or not even reach the average life expectancy for their cross breed types. And, of course, some breeds are more resilient and hardy than others. (ie: Collies and collie mixes typically live longer than Great Danes and their mixed counterparts).

How long do pet European Rabbits live?

All pet rabbit breeds were originally bred from the European Rabbit. Pet rabbits generally live 8-10 years; they can live longer, but over 13 is rare. Generally, little breeds live longer than bigger breeds.

What breeds make good seeing eye dogs?

German Shepards, Labs, Golden Retrivers. Some people also use mini horses which live longer.

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