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No, Catholics do not believe in reincarnation.

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Q: Do modern Catholics believe in reincarnation?
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Do Roman Catholics believe in reincarnation?


Do Catholics believe in reborn?

Catholics do not believe in rebirth as in reincarnation. Baptism is considered a rebirth.

Did Catholics believe in reincarnation at one for it?

Catholic leaders do not endorse a belief in reincarnation.

Do Catholics believe in reincarnation?

Reincarnation is the belief by many people, regardless of their religion. Even some atheists believe in reincarnation.REAL ANSWERNo, Catholics do not believe in reincarnation.Not officially. ;)

What is the Catholic definition of reincarnation?

Catholics do not believe in reincarnation (i.e., that after death you are reborn as another person or animal). Catholics believe in resurrection (i.e., that after death your physical body returns to life).

Did Catholics believe in reincarnation at one time?

No, Catholics have always believed that a person (the soul) is immortal and will live forever but not come back to earth as another person.

Do Christians believe in after death reincarnation or in heaven?

Christians do not believe in reincarnation. Christians believe in Heaven.

Does animism believe in reincarnation?

religions that believe in reincarnation believe in animism, not the other way around

Why do Catholics not believe in reincarnation?

this is again catholic is a sematic religion. It is controlled by church and a leader. They have strict rules laid by church. I think reincarnation more of a spiritual matter, as catholic is more of religion per say.

What do Muslims believe in reincarnation?

do Muslims belive in reincarnation

What world religions believe in reincarnation?

Hindus, Buddhists and some Muslims believe in reincarnation.

What do you believe in daoism?

you believe in reincarnation

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