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No I think the sun is what that orbits around the Planets


Yes, moons of planets orbit around their respective planets. The Moon orbits Earth. Two peculiar asteroid-like moons orbit Mars. Jupiter is orbited by about 63 moons. The other gas planets all have many moons orbiting them each. Pluto itself, a dwarf planet, is possessed of an orbiting moon.

As planets and dwarf planets themselves orbit the Sun, it takes (by gravity) its own moons with it, all these moons continuing to orbit continuously around their home planets as they are raced around the Sun.

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Q: Do moons orbit around the planets?
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Planets orbit around the sun but what do moons orbit?


How many planets orbit around Mars?

No planets orbit around Mars. There are two moons that orbit around Mars.

Do most planets have moons that orbit around them?

Yes, most planets do have moons that orbit around them. In our own solar system, six out of eight planets have moons, and the dwarf planet Pluto also has moons. Only the two innermost planets, Mercury and Venus, do not have moons.

How is moon different than a planet?

Planets orbit around the sun, but moons orbit around planets and are much smaller than the planets that they orbit around.

What planets suround Jupiter?

Jupiter has 63 confirmed moons in orbit around it. No planets are in orbit around it, since they would then be classed as moons. The planets in orbit either side of Jupiter are Mars and Saturn.

What is the diffrense between moons and planets?

Planets orbit the Sun. Moons orbit planets.

What is a moon and how does it move around the solar system?

Moons are approximately spherical objects which orbit planets and are smaller than the planets that they orbit, although they are still relatively large objects (so an orbiting dust particle does not qualify as a moon). Since moons orbit planets, their motion around the solar system is controlled by the planets that they orbit; planets orbit the sun, and planets take their moons with them.

How is a moon different to a planet?

Planets are in direct orbit around the sun, while moons are in orbit around the planets.

How are planets and moons formed?

Planets and moons are formed by the accumulation of radiated star dust into discrete bodies that orbit around another celestial body (planets around stars, moons around planets).

What is to move in an orbit around an object called?

Planets orbit around the Sun and moons orbit around planets. The gravity is what keeps them in their orbit. Moon of an object that orbits a planet.

How many moons in the Solar System orbit around the planets?

169 moons.

What natural satellites orbit around their planets?


Why do moons orbit the planets?

Moons orbit the planets because the planets have gravitional pull and the moons are stuck there unless the planet dies.

Does the moon revolve round the planets?

Moons orbit planets Or rather moons and planets orbit their barycenter.

Which objects does NOT orbit directly around the sun?

Moons. They orbit their planets, not the Sun.

Do moons and asteroids orbit the sun?

Asteroids orbit the sun. Moons orbit planets and planets orbit the sun. So you could say the moons orbit the sun. However, moons are kept in their orbits by the gravity of their planet and planets are kept in orbit by the gravity of the sun. So in that sense, moons do not orbit the sun.

Why does moons orbit the planets?

because the planets' gravity pull them so that they do not go away and the moons revolve around them with a constant speed so they stay in their orbit

How many moons orbit the sun?

None. This is a trick question. Moons orbit PLANETS. Planets orbit the Sun.

Does the sun orbit moons?

No. Moons orbit planets which in turn orbit the sun.

What is the motion of one object around another object?

In planetary terms, when referring to the motion of planets and moons etc. the motion is describes as orbiting. Moons are on orbit around planets, while the planets are in orbit around the sun. An orbital motion.

How many moons do the sun have?

The Sun has no moons. Moons orbit Planets > Planets orbit the Sun.

What moons orbit the sun?

Moons are natural satellites of planets or other space objects. As such, moons accompany their hosts in their orbits around the sun. In this sense every moon orbits the sun. It's not entirely accurate to hold that 'moons orbit planets and planets do not orbit moons'. What is closer to the truth is that moons and planets orbit one another. Even better is the fact that a planet and its moon each orbit their barycenter, the center of gravity of the planet/moon system.

Why are there no moons around moons?

Most moons orbit close enough to their planets that the planet's gravity would render any orbit around a moon unstable in the long term.

Do all the planets have smaller planets orbiting them?

No. Planets orbit suns, while moons orbit planets. Planets do not orbit planets.

What planet do all the planets evolve around?

I am not familiar with planets evolving around any singular planet. If you are referring to orbit, the planets orbit the sun, a star, not a planet, in our solar system. Some planets have moons in their orbit.