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Moose have antlers

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Q: Do moose have antlers or horns?
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A deer with branched horns or antlers?


What are the horns of a deer is called?

Antlers. Deer have pronged antlers. Moose have Palmate antlers.

Do both male female moose have horns?

No. Only the bull moose grow antlers.

Are deer the only animal with antlers besides moose?

Moose are the largest members in the deer family. Deer are the only family who have antlers (antlers are shed annually, where horns are not).

Why do some male cattle have antlers?

No cattle have antlers. They have horns. You could be thinking of moose or elk, which are part of the deer family and have antlers.

What is a deer with branched horns or antlers called?

It could be: * moose * elk * caribou * wapiti * raindeer

How big is a moose horns?

A male Moose antlers are normally 120-150cm across with the tines measuring 10-30cm long.

Why do moose have horns?

Moose don't have horns. They are antlered mammals, much like elk or deer. The difference between horns and antlers is that antlers will typically be grown and fall off annually, whereas horns will grow only once. There are several reasons that moose have antlers. First, when the antlers grow and develop in the warmer months of the year, the antlers are covered in a fine velvet that is soft to the touch. Underneath the velvet flows a system of arteries and veins that circulate blood throughout the antlers. this acts as a cooling mechanism for the moose, keeping it cool in the hot months of summer. When the weather begins to cool down in fall, the moose will shed their velvet, with much bleeding, in order to turn their antlers into weapons. using trees and other objects as sharpening devices, moose peel the velvet from their antlers and sharpen their antlers in order to use them as a defense against predators and as a tool for finding a mate.

What is an antler?

An antler is a bony structure on the head of deer, moose, and elk, which are usually grown and shed each year.

Do caribou have antlers or horns?


Does a giraffe have antlers or horns?


Does a gazelle have horns or antlers?


How much do moose antlers weigh?

While they on his head, the antlers of a 1200 pound moose probably weigh about 50 pounds. (The hide may be close to 200 pounds.) When the horns dry out, they might weigh 40 pounds.

What is on a moose?


Does a female reindeer have horns?

No. They have antlers, not horns.

What color are moose horns?

moose horns are brown

How to paint on moose horns?

Moose don't have horns.

What did Thidwick from Dr. Seuss eat?

Thidwick eats moose moss. Thidwich is a moose who allowed other animals to live on his antlers. He leaves them behind when he shed his horns.

What defense a moose?

The antlers defend the moose.

Are horns and antlers bones?

Antlers are bone horns are not bone they are carotine like finger-nails

What bis the difference between antlers and horns?

the difference is that antlers will fall off, where as horns won't

Do moose have antlers?

Only males really have antlers.

Do female moose shed antlers?

no, they dont have antlers

Do deers shed its horns annually and new horns develops?

Yes, but they are antlers, not horns. Horns on cattle and other ungulates are not shed like antlers are.

What is animal antlers?