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No! Mosquitoes do not carry aids. Hiv is what u get from blood which turns for over a period of time will form aids so my answer is no!!

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Q: Do mosquitos carry AIDS
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Can mosquitos give you AIDS?


Do mosquitos carry germs?

yes,mosquitos carry germs.

If a mosquito have aids can you get aids from it?

Mosquitos are not able to be infected with HIV. AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is a condition that arises from HIV infection. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is not able to be carried by mosquitos.

Do mosquitos carry yellow fever?


Do cats carry an AIDS virus?

Cats carry an AIDS virus,But AIDS can not be spread by it.

Can raccoons carry AIDS?

No, raccoons can carry a number of diseases but are not known to carry AIDS.

What is the relationship between mosquitos and malaria?

they carry the disease

Can you catch AIDS from mosquitos?

No, ROFL, Anways they bite you and can pass through malaria.

Do raccoons have AIDS?

No, raccoons do not carry AIDS.

What do mosquitos carry?

Various other peoples blood they have sucked.

Do mosquitos carry viruses?

Some mosquitoes carry viruses, such as west nile virus and dengue.

Can cats carry aids?

Cats can carry AIDS. However, it is a form of AIDS that is only transferable to other cats, not humans.

What does a mosquito do to humans if it bites?

Mosquitos are a member of nematocerid flies. Mosquitos are blood sucking pests and carry many deadly diseases. There are several types of mosquitos. They say mosquitos can transfer up to 700 million dieseases.

Why is yellow fever in Africa and not in America?

The mosquitos that carry it are not in North America.

Can you get AIDS from horse sodomy?

Horses don't carry AIDS.

Can mosquitos carry AIDS?

That is one of the popular question! Mosquitoes do not transmit the HIV or AIDS virus. The virus gets inactivated in very short time in the body of the mosquito. Secondly the blood sucked by the mosquito goes in the stomach of the mosquito and it does not vomit the same in the body of next victim.

Why are mosquitos dangerous to man?

They can transfer a lot of diseases and viruses that are only transferred by blood, such as HIV and AIDS

Can mosquito bites lead to malaria?

yes.some mosquitos carry the disease malaria

What causes myxomatosis?

it is caused by flies, fleas and mosquitos. they carry the disease to the rabbits.

What is the most dangerous insects?

mosquitos. they carry blood disases from the blood they drink.

What do the red cells carry?


Can mosquito's carry staph?

mosquitos don't carry staph. it is on the skin already and the bite can be scratched and allow the bacteria into the blood.

Do Mosquitos carry the plague disease?

no, the plague virus is to spread through air not by mosquito

What do frogs do for earth?

They eat mosquitos, which carry a lot of sicknesses, but frogs dont get affected by them.

Does all mosquitos carry dangerous diseases?

No it's just that that can be a vector if it is in the immediate area