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no, none do.

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Q: Do most homeowners policies cover deterioration?
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If my pool has rust damage is it covered?

Doubtful. Most homeowners policies do not cover rust, mold, deterioration etc. over a period of time.

Will homeowners insurance cover crumbling basement walls?

Doubtful, especially if they are crumbling just due to wear and tear or normal deterioration. These are specifically excluded by most policies.

Does insurance cover a fallen tree on your garage?

Most homeowners policies will provide coverage

Will homeowners policy cover deck built not to code illegal?

Doubtful. Most homeowners policies have language that exclude damage as a result of faulty workmanship or construction.

Does homeowners insurance cover fire or theft?

Most homeowner's insurance policies will cover fire and theft. Individual companies and policies will vary, so be sure you check with your insurance agent to verify if yours does.

Does home owners insurance cover accidental falls?

It depends on the circumstances. Most homeowners insurance policies will cover some of the medical expenses if a person falls and gets hurt on the homeowners property, but only if the homeowner was negligent.

Will homeowners Insurance cover medical expenses to others caused by your pet?

Not likely. Most homeowners insurance policies these days automatically exclude coverage for injuries or damages resulting from pet ownership.

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage from a leaking backboiler?

Most home owners policys will say the loss must be sudden and accident. Not gradual deterioration. But most certainly turn in the claim, to get an opinion.

Will home insurance cover Bee's that died in the wall in my home?

Most policies do not cover damage caused by pest.

Does homeowners cover your house if your cars brakes goes out and it hits your house?

Yes, That would be a covered loss under most home insurance policies.

Is one covered for earthquakes by insurance in California?

Most ordinary homeowners insurance policies do not cover the policy holder against earthquake damage. However, additional policies can be taken called earthquake insurance to cover people's property against earthquakes.

Under most homeowners' policies compensation for structural damage is at?


Does home owners insurance cover items in storage units?

Yes, Most homeowners Policies with extended coverage will cover some off premises property. Just contact you Insurance Agent for details.

What kind of stolen property is covered and does it have to be stolen from your house or car?

You don't say what type of policy, I will assume homeowners, it depends on the policy form, most auto policies will not cover ANY personal property. Most homeowners policies may exclude the property ''while in or upon a land motor vehicle'' you need to review your policy, or contact your agent for clarity.

Does Homeowners insurance cover damaged shrubbery?

Most certainly not.

Does homeowners insurance cover a window cracked by a rock thrown by your neighbor's lawnmower?

There is a coverage on most homeowners policies that is called "Pysical Damage to Property of Others". So, since you neighbor caused physical damage to your property, this would be the logical place to start. If this is not available, then the Liability coverage [portion of his policy would cover the damage.

Does homeowners insurance cover trampolines?

Typically Trampolines and resulting injuries are not covered under your homeowners insurance policies. Most companies automatically exclude coverage for damages and injuries arising from the ownership of a trampoline. Most companies will also schedule your home insurance policy for cancellation if they discover that a trampoline is located on the property.

Will homeowners cover damage to an in ground pool caused by an animal?

Maybe. There is an exclusion for damage caused by domestic animals in most all homeowner's policies. If a wild animal such as a bear or deer causes the damage some policies may cover the damage. Check in your policy, Section I - Perils Insured Against (is a list of exclusions)

Is a downed pine tree covered by homeowners ins?

Contact your insurance Company and ask them. Most homeowners insurance policies will only cover the cost of tree removal if the tree fell on the house, otherwise if the tree fall did not damage you insured property improvements, then it's just the homeowners own responsibility to remove debris after the occasional storm.

Does homeowners insurance cover losses a friend incurred from being robbed inside the home?

No. Your friend is most likely not a named insured on your homeowners insurance policy. Your homeowners insurance policy is specific to you and your property. It would also not cover the losses of a tenant.

Does home owners insurance cover water wells?

Water Wells are considered a part of the home for insurance coverage on most homeowners policies. Whether or not the loss is covered would primarily depend on the cause of the loss.

Does homeowners insurance cover sinkhole damage?

You would need to contact your insurance company or your insurance agent if you can not determine your coverage. Most standard Homeowners policies in the United States exclude coverage for certain types of earth movement unless a specific endorsement has been added and premium assessed.

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage due to a dishwasher breaking and leaking?

Yes, most homeowners insurance will cover this type of damage. You need to read your specific policy for exclusions for water damage.

Will homeowners insurance cover golf clubs stolen from the car on the property?

Every homeowners policy is unique and you need to read through your policy to be sure but I can tell you that most homeowners policies will cover your personal property. Your homeowners policy will actually cover your personal property anywhere in the world (depending on your specific policy). If your clubs were stolen from your car and you are thinking of filing a claim just remember that you will be responsible for your homeowners deductible which is usually around $1,000. That means that you are responsible for the first $1,000 so if your clubs are worth $1,200 you would get a check for $200 from your insurance company. Most golf clubs aren't worth that much but if yours are do you really want to file a claim to get a $200 check? After you file that claim your homeowners insurance premium will increase for 3-5 years because you will be considered a higher risk by the insurance companies. One other thing to consider is that if your car windows were broken during the theft you will also have to file a claim with your auto insurance company if you want them to cover the window. Most auto policies will replace glass for free or very little.

Can homeowners insurance cover owners medical bills when hurt in a park?

No, That's what your Major Medical or Health Insurance policy is for. Homeowners Insurance is "Property Insurance". The very, very small amount of medical coverage offered on most home insurance policies is for accidental injuries to others while on your property.