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While some would cynically answer "yes," it does not have to be the case. Many men become better lovers. Well I can't answer about every man. But I can say that my husband is 46 and by no means is a dud in bed lol..I guess it just depends on the man. Men actually go through a sort of "change of life" around age 40 -- stuff that used to seem automatic suddenly isn't. A guy can get freaked out by this, and start worrying about sex and it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. It can be really, REALLY hard for a guy to talk to anyone about this, but a counselor or men's group can help. If he's willing, you might try couple's therapy. Tell him you need help dealing with a problem you're having. Most guys take much better care of the people they love than themselves. He can also try Kegel exercises. These are usually thought of as exercises for women, but they can help men sustain erections. (Basically, these exercises focus on the same muscle group that enables you to hold your urine.) And any guy in his mid-forties needs a top-to-toe physical exam if he hasn't had one in 5 years or more! (Sometimes something as simple as medication for high blood pressure can make all the difference.)

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Q: Do most men once they hit 45 turn into a dud in bed?
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