Guinea Pigs

Do mother guinea pigs eat baby giunea pigs?


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no. guinea pigs dont eat their young.

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No, father guinea pigs don't eat baby guinea pigs. But they can make the mother pregnant again straight away, so the father should be taken out before the mother has her babies.

Yes guinea pigs can swim, but they may not necessarily enjoy doing do.

When baby Guinea pigs are first born they drink from there mother (milk) But as they get older they start drinking water.

No. Guinea pigs will only eat as much as they want or need. Regular Exersise will stop your guinea pig from getting fat.

My guinea pig prefers lettuce to carrots.

A male guinea pig is called a boar. A female guinea pig is called a sow. Baby guinea pigs are called pups.

what about baby guinea pigs? lol

Yes,he should be separated from the mother as well as the babies because he can cause serious problems to the babies such as pregnant among baby Guinea Pigs,injuries,etc. When the babies are at two weeks old,you should distinguish between male and female baby Guinea Pigs and separate the male baby Guinea Pigs from the females.You can put the male babies with their father and the baby females with their mother.

Baby Rabbits are born naked and without open eyes.But,baby Guinea Pigs are more developed,they have fur on their body and are born with open eyes. Baby Guinea Pigs can stand on its own feet just after a minute unlike rabbits.Also,baby Guinea Pigs can eat some foods that adult Guinea pigs eat.But,rabbit babies are fully depended on their mother for food.

Healthy female guinea pigs that give birth will not die during birth.

baby guinea pigs will suckle mothers milk

Your baby guinea pigs need their mother to survive. Get them to your vet and see what they can do for it.

Guinea pigs can get pregnant at 2 months old. The younger the guinea pig is the safer it is to get pregnant.

When they are first born and up to 4 weeks old the mother will feed them milk that she makes for them. She will teach them by showing them what to eat and drink. and how to be with other guinea pigs.

there mom leaves the baby guinea pig so that is why baby guinea pigs look afterthemselves.

Baby Guinea Pigs live independent with their mother.Guinea Pigs don't make nests.

Many foods are good for guinea pigs including vegetables and store-bought food. BEWARE! some foods are poisonous to guinea pigs! Including potato skins and raw beans. Hope this helped :) Timothy hay and pellets are good for guinea pigs.

you are not the mom. humans have baby humans. guinea pigs have baby guinea pigs. if you have recently given birth to guinea pigs i suggest contacting your local newspaper.

Baby Guinea pigs are smaller and follow their mom around.

no guinea pigs cant eat peanuts

I would not recommend picking up baby guinea pigs. You may get them sick. Also, the mother doesnt wan't their babies to smell like humans! Wait for about 6 weeks!

Depends on the kind of hay you give your guinea pig. If your guinea pig is a pregnant mother or a growing baby, then you should give him/her Alfafa hay. If your guinea pig is NOT a pregnant mother or a growing baby, then he/she should be given Timothy hay.

healthy baby guinea pigs are around 80 to 120 grams when they are born, but this can differ depending on factors such as: + the size of the litter + the age of the mother guinea pig etc etc

Baby guinea pigs are small, They have almost no fur, And of course theyre babys

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