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Yes; some of their larvae.

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What do wool moths eat?

Moths will eat any and all untreated and yummy wool fibres.

How to get rid of moths?

Moth balls are the simple answer. Moths like to eat wool so if you have any wool sweaters or blankets, I suggest that you buy some moth balls. You can find them at a drug store (probably)Hope Than helps! :)

What kind of fabric do moths eat?

They lie to hide in the folds and eat wool, silk, carpet, natural fibers, mostly any type of fabric.

Does Merino Wool and Lambs wool come from the same sheep?

Merino wool and lambs wool can be from sheep of the merino breed. Lambs wool can be from any other breed of wool type sheep.

More wool comes from this state than any other state in the country?

More wool comes from Texas than any other state in the country

Why are some winter clothes made from wool?

wool is warmer than any other fabric.

What do camelions eat?

they eat insects and mosquitoes they also eat moths, mealworms, waxworms, crickets and any other moths, or worms

Is skein are wool?

Skein is a non-standard length of spun fibre, which can be wool or any other fibre.

Are moths carpet beetles or any other insects a concern when storing a down insulated jacket which does not contain wool anywhere on it?

Use one of those space bags where you suck all the air out... they work great at storing clothes and things and keeps any bugs out.

Do moths eat rayon or Lycra?

First a note: it is actually the larvae of moths that eat your sweaters, not the adults. Most experts seem to say that moth larvae only eat "natural "fibers, ie. wool, cashmere, silk, angora, etc. If your rayon or other synthetic is blended with wool, as many are, the larvae will eat the wool part of the blend, which still results in clothes-ruining holes. My personal experience (selling & collecting vintage clothes) is that moth larvae do seem to like blended rayon quite a bit. I've never known them to attack any other synthetic, though.

What are textiles?

Textiles are woven materials. They can include material made from any number of plant and animal materials, such as cotton, wool, camelhair, hemp, and flax (linen).

How do you make wristband?

To make a wristband you can use any plattable materials like cotton or wool simply plat or braid or any other pattern chois of your a lenght of wool tie it around your fiends/your wrist and snip off the ends this is know your own personalized colourfull wristband glad to help Jordan

What is the meaning of pure wool?

Yarn made of pure wool is 100% animal fibre and not blended with any other fibre.

Do moths help the sloths in any way?

Sloths help the moths.

Can moths harm humans?

No, moths do not harm humans in any way.

What comes out of Texas more than any other state?


What material did the Romans use for their clothes?

Wool, cotton, leather, linen, silk and were combination made with any of those materials.

What is the habitat of a leopard moth?

Eating any materials and there attracted to light.. [ i hate moths there was this giant one in my kitchen i was bigger than a butterfly eek]!!!

Are cashmere scarfs more likely to be eaten by moths than wool scarfs if I leave them in my drawer for almost a whole year?

Leaving cashmere in a drawer for a year can lead to moths just like wool left for that time will lead to moths. What I would suggest is moth balls or using a space saver bag and sucking all the air out to protect your garment. Cashmere is very delicate and expensive and any damage to it would be tragic. Make sure you have the scarf in a air tight container before putting it in your drawer for that long.

What was the clothing made of back in the 1700s?

Clothing could be made of a wide variety of materials, such as silk, cotton, linen or wool. Any easily available natural materials would be used.

What comes from Texas more so than any other state?


More what comes from Texas than any other state in the US?


What insects do moths eat?

Moths do not eat any insects! they eat silk only!

Do moths eat grass and leaves?

Moths eat grass and leaves or any plant.

Is there such thing as a killer moth?

no there are not any killer moths all moths arent harmful