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No mountain lions don't eat bears.Bears eat mountain lions.

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Q: Do mountain lions eat bears
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Related questions

Do mountain lions eat black bears?


What will eat a dog?

mountain lions, bears

What dogs will eat?

mountain lions, bears

Can mountain lions eat bears?

Yes, cubs.

Do bears eat mountain lions?

Maybe their cubs... but that's doubtful, as the Mountain lionesses are very wary.yes

What type of animals do vampires eat or drink?

Humans, Mountain Lions, Grizzly bears

What are some mountain animals?

bears and mountain lions

What animals eat venison?

Mountain lions, bears, humans, lynxes, bobcats, coyotes, and wolves eat venison.

Do mountain lions eat mountain goats?

Yes, mountain lions do eat goats.

Do mountain lions eat mountain lions?

no mountain lions can not eat mountain lion but they can harm and sometimes kill each others.

Do mountain lions eat corn?

Mountain lions are carnivorous, they do not eat corn.

What do mountain lions eat?

Mountain lions are obligate carnivores and do not eat plants.

Does anything eat coyotes?

Mountain lions, rarely wolves, sometimes lynx, other coyotes, and bears.

Do zebras eat mountain lions?

No, zebras do not eat mountain lions and mountain lions do not eat zebras. Zebras are from Africa and mountain lions are strictly an American species. They would never meet in nature.

Do mountain lions eat rams?

Yes, mountain lions will eat almost anything.

Does a lion eat bears?

i dont think lions eat bears.

What eats adult mountain lions?

not all worms eat mountain lions ( they only eat when dead) and bacteria eat mountain lions dead or alive:

Are there mountain tigers in the Rocky mountain?

there are tigers lions and bears. Oh my!

Who are the Predators of wolves?

Mountain Lions,Bears,Humans.

What are Mustangs Predators?

mountain lions and bears are threts

What eats whooping crane?

bears and mountain lions

Who are the Morgan horses preditors?

Mountain lions, bears

Do Black bears eat lions?


Do mountain lions eat lions?

No, impossible! Lions are from Africa and mountain lions from the Americas. They never meet.

Who would win a bear or a mountain lion?

Black bears and grizzly bears kill mountain lions. They both grow much bigger than mountain lions, and also are stronger.