Cougars, Mountain Lions, and Pumas

Do mountain lions eat ravens?


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They will when they can catch them.


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No mountain lions don't eat bears.Bears eat mountain lions.

Yes, mountain lions do eat goats.

no mountain lions can not eat mountain lion but they can harm and sometimes kill each others.

Mountain lions are carnivorous, they do not eat corn.

No, zebras do not eat mountain lions and mountain lions do not eat zebras. Zebras are from Africa and mountain lions are strictly an American species. They would never meet in nature.

not all worms eat mountain lions ( they only eat when dead) and bacteria eat mountain lions dead or alive:

Yes, mountain lions will eat almost anything.

No, impossible! Lions are from Africa and mountain lions from the Americas. They never meet.

they can but only if they are full grown. wolves eat baby mountain lions

dismounting lions eat elk.

Yes, mountain lions eat meat.

Yes, mountain lions eat bison. Wolves also eat bison and humans kill them.

Yes Mountain lions eat meat. They eat a varity of animals including deer and elk.

no mountain lions can not eats bats because bats fly higher then mountain lions jumps

No. Pumas and mountain lions are actually the same animal.

Probably not, mountain lions can kill wolves.

If mountain lions are despretly hungry then they eat fish. They eat anything that's near by

yes mountain lions will eat a fox

Mountain lions and pumas are the same animal, Puma Concolor.

Mountain lions eat pretty much the entire deer except for the larger bones.

Mountain lions are obligate carnivores and do not eat plants.

If they can catch them

Mountain lions eat deer and moose in most areas where they live, but in the central and western areas they will eat wild horses to.

No, there are no other species of lions that live in the range of the mountain lion. They live in Africa and Asia and never meet a mountain lion in the wild.

yes the mouting lions are eating rabbits.

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