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Sometimes, they write it by themselves and sometimes songwriters write it for them.

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Q: Do music artists write their own songs or do other people write it?
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What are music producers?

The people who create, mix, pick out songs, and help make an Artists music better.

Where can Neil Diamond songs and music videos be viewed?

The best place to find and view Neil Diamond songs would be on a site such as YouTube. This site will have many videos of songs and music by the artist, as well as other music artists.

Does Labrinth write his own songs?

Labrinth writes and produces all of his own music and he also writes music for other artists.

What happened to the other girl in the country music group sugarland?

She left the band so she could write songs for other artists.

What artists have made covers of Tool songs?

Tool is an American Rock band that started life in Los Angeles California. They do not allow any of their songs to be released on itunes or other music sites so it would appear that no artists have covered their songs before.

What artists sing jazz songs?

you can search the 'jazz' genre on itunes and find out a ton of people who sing jazz music

How music can make you intelligent?

Music is not just playing and listening to songs. You have to be able to listen very good by your ear. And when singing, you have to change vocals when the other artists do too. I hope this information helped you know that music is more than just songs.

What music artists sing songs called 'never'?


Who writes Eminem's music?

Eminem writes all of his own verses. If there are other artists in his songs, he/she would write his/her own verse.

What to do when your favorite band becomes boring?

Listen to other random songs or artists! Ask other people what bands or artists they like, and listen to their songs. Just be open, because you can like more than one band at the same time.

Are songs in Guitar Hero performed by the real artists?

Yes In GHWT all songs are preformed by the original artists, as for the other games, some of the songs are covers.

Are all free music sites illegal?

It depends on what artists music they have. Some artists leak there stuff on the internet, so downloading that kind of music is perfectly legal. Unless the music sites actually paid commercial artists to release their songs to the public then I am under the impression that it is illegal.

How do you find dj bl3nd songs on itunes store?

you don't. theres a difference between a song and a mix. he doesn't produce music he just plays other artists music

Where can one watch new Ludacris songs?

One can watch new Ludacris songs anytime on Youtube's website. There are a vast number of songs with music videos from all kinds of different music artists.

Who are some slow jamz music artists?

Some names of examples of slow jamz music artists include: Kanye West, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross and Anita. All of these artists and their songs can be obtained through Amazon.

Who writes the music from twilight?

They get all of their music from various artists. But most of their songs are from infamous bands who are trying to become famous.

What do music Artists do?

invent and make new songs

What type of music does Costa Rica listen to?

woman songs written by homosexual artists

Who are some music artists?

Every single person you can think of who makes and releases songs.

What are songs?

songs are made up music that people usually sing. (: songs are made up music that people usually sing. (:

Country music and its effects on people?

Country music inspires people to sing or do what they want. Country music is insparational and very fun! Most artists (Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, ect.) are very insparational and their songs are fun to just sit around and listen to, or to dance to!

Are there any poems that can be turned into songs?

Definitely. Leonard Cohen's songs are poems. There's a whole genre in Urdu music called ghazals which are poems that artists choose to put to music.

How did Ibrahim Erkal get famous?

Ibrahim Erkal was a Turkish musician who wrote his own music, as well as performing songs that other artists had written. Some of his songs were featured in a TV show. He died at a young age in the military.

Who sang this is where you belong from the movie spirit?

Bryan Adams, he sang all the songs in the movie's soundtrack along with a few other artists. The music was composed by Hans Zimmer.

Why did the beatles change the world?

They evolved music by using different types of music and instruments in their songs which inspired many bands and artists after them.