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Narcissistic people can prey on submissive women or shy women. I call these "lazy Narcissists." It's a form of abuse. It's easier to manipulate a submissive woman (often confused with a woman that is kind and loving, quite normal) than one that is feisty. I dislike the word "Narcissistic" because this is a difficult label to define. A person could be a perfectionist, abuser, a control freak, etc., but it doesn't make them necessarily a narcissist and only a professional can determine that. Other than rape or murder I don't believe that any human being can be controlled unless they want to be controlled. Marcy I WAS going through a difficult time in my marriage and I am pretty fiesty however in the wake of the shattered marriage illlusions, I became vulnerable and needy and guess what??? The narcissist in my life picked it up immediately. To be perfectly honest, I appraoched him for some affection (with boundradies) and that was all it took. Two and half years later, I'm struggling with the denial or self-blame phase of recovery that makes me want to scream. What was I thinking? So now it's time to forgive. Me. Then him. But that parts way off. What can I say. They love it. They see you're needy and they work it. The best advice I can give is to move away. Find another way to deal with your marriage woes. HE is not the answer. He can make life hell. Besides, I think this would be his absolute best blood sucking adventure. A married women choosing him over her husand! Then when they're over it, they're over you.

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Q: Do narcissists prey on unhappily married women?
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