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Do narcissists realize how self-absorbed they are?

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They truly believe that THEY are normal.

They think they are more humane than the rest of us!
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Do narcissists realize when they start a relationship that they will devalue and discard the person sooner or later?


Why do narcissists come back?

when they come to realize their mistakes. It happens most times but not always.

Are most narcissists physically attractive and know it?

Narcissists can be male or female or attractive or unattractive. They act as if they are the best thing ever and the center of the universe whether they are attractive or not. A person could be physically attractive and realize it but not be a narcissist. After all, models know they are attractive. Let's assume they're not all narcissists. ~ T

Does a Narcissist ever wish they could truly feel human emotion?

Narcissists do not realize that they are crazy. They think other people have the problem.

Can you be a narcissist and a psychopath too?

Yes. Most psychopaths are also narcissists. However, most narcissists are not psychopaths.Yes. Most psychopaths are also narcissists. However, most narcissists are not psychopaths.Yes. Most psychopaths are also narcissists. However, most narcissists are not psychopaths.Yes. Most psychopaths are also narcissists. However, most narcissists are not psychopaths.

How do you spell narcissists?

This is the correct spelling. Narcissists.

Can narcissists fall in love?

All narcissists fall in love - with THEMSELVES!

Why do narcissists torture?

narcissists torture to get a reaction. they feed off that energy

Are narcissists fit to be teachers?

narcissists make the best teachers :P

Are some somatic narcissists gay?

Yes, there are some somatic narcissists who are gay.

Do many narcissists personify their pets?

I don't think this kind of behavior is unique to narcissists.

Why is is politically correct to talk about narcissists as if they were subhuman?

I feel narcissists aren't sub-human. They are very human. They just don't realize they are human. They think (and behave) as if they are Immortals, like the movie Highlander. They look human, but they are a more-evolved version of humanity that is entitled to whatever the lesser species has, kind of like raising cattle for food and clothing.

Why are greasers and socs so concerned about their reputation?

They are very selfabsorbed and egotistical people for the most part, so naturally they care about what everyone else thinks about them.

Do narcissists generally come from large families?

No. Narcissists can be only children, middle, large families. No correlation.

Can narcissists change?

Narcissists can change if they want to, and if they are willing to put in the effort. They will likely need therapy to help them to do this.

Is sexual dysfunction common in narcissists?

Everything about Narcissists is to one extreme or the other. So yes. It is common.

Do narcissists want you to treat them like a child?

Sometimes. Narcissists want to be waited on and catered too. Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Narcissists fear of abandonement?

Narcissists do NOT fear abandonment - they fear being without "supply" and not in total control.

Why are narcissists such show offs?

Narcissists thrive on attention. They need an audience and applause. They often have a defective ability to interprete other people's speech and actions which leads them to think they are liked and respected. Put that all together and it creates a shameless show-off who doesn't realize that their antics are more likely to make people shake their heads and laugh at them rather than with them.

Do narcissists feel remorse?


How do narcissists retaliate?


Do narcissists become violent?

They can.

Do all narcissists cheat?

No they do not

Do narcissists say sorry?


Are narcissists homophobic?

Not usually